Big Fashion House, Keljhani Opens In Style

MONROVIA – An innovative and trailblazing entry into the fashion industry in Liberia will take place on Saturday, September 3, 2022 when KELJHANI, a foremost luxurious and creative studio and beauty salon finally opens for business to the public, an event which is  expected to be attended by the crème de la  crème in the society including high profile government officials, top placed socialites, business executives, fashion gurus, beauticians, among others. The event takes place at its corporate headquarters on 12 Street/Russell Avenue, Sinkor, Monrovia.

A brainchild of Kelvin Shankar Jhamnani, a creative icon and a fashion enthusiast,  Kelhani,,  is a beauty and fashion house offering the following unique services, including but not limited to Image consultancy, beauty, personal care, photography and fashion styling etc.

A look at the profile and unique selling points of Keljhani reveals that it is a timeless brand with beauty, professionalism, luxury and perfection at its core, a company with a family environment, a safe space for everyone, a powerhouse for make-up, hair, nails, photography, fashion and it is soon to hit the international stage as a globally recognized brand.

Kelvin Shankar Jhamnani, who is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) has a strong passion for business and an independent minded individual whose good upbringing and being born into comfort has never led him to lose focus of what he wants to do and achieve himself using his own intellect and focus. He was born and raised in Monrovia where, though having a chauffeur, still scrubbed the floors. That indeed sums up his uncommon upbringing and lifestyle.

He is from a blessed but humble household with two very supportive Christian parents, two siblings by blood and over five by fate and choice.

 He graduated from high school in Monrovia and moved to North Carolina, United States for university education. It was alright but the advent of the  COVID pandemic obstructed his studies and have to return home to Liberia. However, the crisis has never deterred him from still pursuing his education as he has been continuing through the online version of studies and is at the completion stage. Though starting his career early but doing what he absolutely loves, yes indeed he is a very grateful soul.

As part of his nature, he has decided to be sharing his natural gifts with the world around him, starting with Liberia, where he is known today as the nation’s best fashion practitioner.

 The fashion outfit can be reached through its website,  or by placing a call direct or through WhatSapp on 0777077070.

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