Big and Blatant Lie -Bobby Livingstone Reacts to Ellen Corkrum

The Secretary General of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA), Cllr. Bobby Livingstone has sharply reacted to what he calls “a boldface lie spewed out by Ellen Corkrum” that he and other Liberians are involved with ritualistic activities which was recently contained in a leaked audio.

The reaction of Mr. Livingstone comes in the wake of a media interview on a local radio station in which Madam Corkrum mentioned several Liberians including Solicitor General Selmah Syrenius Cephas, Bobby Livingston, Ofri Diah and one Watara amongst other personalities who she disclosed have been involved with human sacrifices for jobs and good fortunes.

She broke the news earlier when she said Oforidia, and Cllr. Cephas persuaded her for the heads of three virgins at 12,000 United States dollars each, which she refused when she settled down with using 77 cows each costing between 8, 000 to 1o, 000 United States dollars.

Corkrum contended that the cost for the cows was sent to former rebel general Diah who is the liaison between the medicine man she identified as Watara, but due to her refusal of the human sacrifices which could give her fast result in relieving tension on her in the United States caused her alleged ritualistic partners to resort to harassing her mother in Liberia.

It was in the second part of her statement that she mentioned the name of Cllr. Livingstone and others who she said Diah told her have benefitted from the human sacrifices.

But Cllr. Livingstone reacted vehemently saying that he is a staunch Christian who cannot be a part be part of a human sacrifice syndicate.

Describing Madam Corkrum and her leaked audio as a ‘temper tantrums and gibberish leaked audio’ as a diabolical lie from the belly of the devil”, Cllr. Livingstone says the content of the  purported audio involving the fugitive Ellen Corkrum or whatever she calls herself is an imagination..

“I have never spoken with Ellen. I don’t know her and our paths have never crossed before. I have interacted twice with a guy called Ofori, on a matter pending before the court. I have a faint recollection of his look and have no acquaintance nor friendship with him,” Cllr. Livingston further reacted.

The Liberian lawyer and journalist contended that he and Ellen Corkrum have never had any conversation nor discussion regarding any subject, least to conceive we went to a length to talk about Juju, adding “I am a Christian, and an active member of the St. Matthew Lutheran Church. A man who believes in the integrity of God’s word and has never traded same for anything called juju regardless of my circumstances.”

Livingstone further reacted, “I have never and will never thread such a path to elicit or pursue juju. It is a figment of imagination for such nonsense to be attributed to me by a fraudster such as Ellen under the aegis of speculation and hearsay linked to Ofori Diah.”

Livingstone, a onetime Director of Communication of the National Elections (NEC) and former Chairman of the Department of Mass Communications at the Unsuited Methodist University further maintained, “I am not hungry for anything, be it government job, appointment or whatsoever. I am content with what God has blessed me with. Good wife, wonderful children, and a good career that can support and cater to my well-being.”

He therefore noted that he does not have to engage in any demonic or African science practice. “I don’t need to indulge in unorthodox gimmicks to reach extra ends of success, for to do so will be a bliss of folly.”

According to him, he has dozens of, if not hundreds of Liberians, who have known him and can attest that he will not settle or condescend so low as the questionable character Corkrum tried to project by calling his name in a pretentious and blackmailing manner as if she and I have had any meeting, conversation or anything of that sort before.

“In short, it is a pathological lie from the belly of the devil with whom a character such as Ellen may be associated with to have guts to rattle with such a diabolical lie and make such unfounded attribution about me. It’s a big and blatant lie,” he concluded.

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