“Bhofal Chambers Abandoned Us” -Accident Victims Cry Out

By: Matthew H. Turry

Two ladies who were victims of a terrible accident involving the convoy of Speaker Bhofal Chambers on March 9, 2021 on 20th Street, Sinkor, Monrovia have cried out loud alleging that the number 3 citizen in the country has reneged on his earlier promises to foot their medical expenses and has abandoned them to go through untold hardship amidst the pains and lack of funds to take care of their situations.

The two ladies, Doris Gbadyu and her mother Musu Gbadyu, speaking through Mr. Geegba Williams, husband of Doris, told The Analyst in an exclusive interview that when the incident occurred, Speaker Chambers was cooperative with them when he told the family that he was going to take care of the initiative of underwriting the medical treatment and resettle the victims upon completion of the treatment and contributed an initial amount of $340 towards food and miscellaneous. He said he had earlier met Dr. Jerry Brown at the JFK Medical Center about the victims and told the family to get back to him whenever they needed anything with respect to the welfare of the victims.

“Certain time came the Speaker were no longer responding to the situation, the family and I shoulder the entire process, after they discharge them, my woman got angry over the manner and form which the Speaker treated them, and went to the office of the Speaker and they had a tussles before the speaker Chambers was able to give 500 USD, for she and her mother”, he lamented.

Williams, who showed copies of the receipts from payments made towards purchasing of drugs and miscellaneous from the personal finance of the family, said the family has been going through tough times to meet the challenges associated with the unfortunate situation.

“Things are not going well with them, so I went to his office and told him that I am out of cash and the conditions of the people are not pleasing, and he told his special Assistant that I should take the people back to JFK hospital, that JFK is free, so I said no, when you carry patients to JFK without money the patient cannot be treated”, he said.

“My woman’s waist and legs were broken, she currently has complications in her back that she cannot walk, and her mother’s legs broke two times and her arm from the accident. Do you know what it takes for someone who knows themselves, and then they cannot do anything on their own again”, he explained in a painful tune.

In such a pitiful way, Geegba told our reporter that he is taken aback how Speaker Chambers has been relating to the family and responding to the plight of the victims and wondered how would the Maryland County lawmaker felt if he was in the condition of the victims and someone had treated him or any of his family members like the way he was treating the victims of his convoy’s accident.

“We are talking about the life of human beings but this is the thing. The car that was damaged which belonged to someone has since being repaired and it is on the road and moving around. My wife lost her pregnancy in the exercise which is very, very painful but see how the Speaker is treating us”, he lamented.

He called on the government, humanitarian individuals and institutions to come to the aid of his family to alleviate the plight of the victims whom he said are going through unbearable pains, sorrow and hardship which they did not bargain for.

Meanwhile, when this paper contacted the office of the Speaker, the Special Assistant to the Speaker Peter Clark has denied the allegations and stated that Mr. Williams has not been able to clearly state what the family wants from the Speaker because as far as the information concerned, the lawmaker has been fulfilling all his promises thus far.

Clark noted that since the speaker provided an additional $500 to the family for medication, they have not shown up for over three months.

“They called me and said that they needed to go for a checkup, and if you want to go for a checkup, it is not something that you have to stop, go there if there is anything they will let us know. But the husband insisted that there were some medications he paid for and he needed the refund”, he narrated.

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