Better Chance for Change -Liberian Entrepreneur Describes Economy

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.
A Liberian entrepreneur, Madam Mabel Tolbert has urged Liberian business owners to be hopeful for a better future in the business sector, believing that the present condition of the country’s economy stands a chance to change some days for the better. Madam Mabel Tolbert, a Liberian cosmetologist, owner and operator of the Beauty Secret Salon and Day Spa located on 10th street in Sinkor, Monrovia. Madam Tolbert who studied in the United States of America told reporters that although the Liberian economy is not encouraging to the business community at the moment but foresees prospects.
She said every business person needs to be creative in formulating strategies to attract people to their business entities. She said there are lots of challenges in the economy today that Liberians are faced with especially business people, but however indicated that the business environment will open up in a not too distant future and Liberians will enjoy the benefits of their businesses and ascend to higher height.
According to Madam Tolbert, Beauty Secret Salon and Day Spa offer a service in every aspect that keeps the beauty of both men and women and provides jobs for Liberians.
She said taking entrepreneurship to a higher level was her primary goal and creating jobs for under-privileged Liberians among other things is one of the reasons that kept her in business and not just being a hair dresser in Liberia.
Speaking further, she said her establishment in Liberia does not look at the economy, but intends to promote the vibrancy of the Liberian business environment.
Madam Mabel Tolbert also urged Liberians who are privileged to give back to the society as a means of creating avenues for others to survive. She sees it as a way of giving back to the Liberian society and this is why she has decided to establish her institution that is providing jobs for many Liberians and contributing to the lives of some old folks in central Monrovia.

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