“Betrayal of Ethics” -Activist Renner describes attacks on NPA boss

By: H Matthew Turry

MONROVIA: Against the backdrop of series of media attacks against the Managing Director of the National Port Authority, Sekou Hussein Dukuly, a social critic and activist has descended on those behind the unprovoked attacks, especially those in the media, and described their sustained mischaracterization of Mr. Dukuly as “betrayal of ethics” which according to him needs to stop.

In a press release issued yesterday, a copy of which is in possession of The Analyst, activist Macclean Renner said he is of the strongest conviction that the NPA boss is a victim of wrong propaganda “but the good thing surrounding the entire narrative about Dukuly is false and has no merit”.

“The public service is like all other risky moments, where some detractors go all out to hunt down someone’s character to settle scores. And all who are big names, particularly working to distinguish themselves for the better, are vulnerable to the claws of foes.

“The current catch is Sekou Hussein Dukuly National Port Authority Managing Director a calm, unassuming young Liberian who has made his name amongst ordinary citizens for his altruistic deportments. The cruel knives of propaganda villains are at his poor throat right now, intentionally and forcefully dragging his name in corruption and other malpractice allegations which his detractors have been feeding the public without any iota of truth”, Renner said.

Renner contended that with all the lies against Dukuly there “are many counter-propaganda experts who have found a litany of faults that were pieced together by those desperado to drag down the name of Mr. Dukuly in the mud.

“As many Liberians become addicted to perceptions and insinuations of corruption in public service, there are critical minds that are assessing the narratives with the intent to separate facts from false narratives. We are standing with facts and principle, therefore we are endeavour to ensure that such lies and clear intent to bring to public ridicule decent characters such as Mr. Dukuly should not be accorded credence.

“We are up to the task to educate the innocent, unsuspecting public who may be victims of gross misinformation and disinformation, like the gimmicks against Dukuly”, Renner said

Speaking to journalists further on Thursday, April 4, 2024, activist Renner asserted that ‘Since the appointment of the Managing Director of the NPA, there have been barrages of media attacks, blackmails and criminal conspiracies against his person. All of which are characterized by hate, envy and selfish economic interest to extort money”.

According to Activist Macclean, some media personnel have been relentlessly throwing tantrums at the NPA boiss through the electronic and social media.

“These sustained attacks are gibberish intended to malign the reputation of MD Dukuly. They are falsifying information, doctoring messages and faking documents. This is a normal thing that yellow journalists do in Liberia. We understand these kinds of unmerited propaganda”, he said.

He said there is no authentic document that proves any criminal wrong doing or shady deals about Mr Dukuly.  He stated those blackmailers don’t have an established argument that the public will buy into.

“Their goal is to use their microphones and the social media handles to extort money from the MD.  The guys are angry because the Mr Dukuly is not playing to their tones. He’s not giving them the necessary attention and credence that his predecessors gave to those hired microphones.

“As a young man, despite his proximity to the presidency, he’s a cheerful giver. He won’t mind helping a struggling young man that wants to excel despite your political configuration. He doesn’t believe in a political party over Liberia, and before his ascendency as MD, Hon Sekou Hussein Dukuly has and is still imparting the lives of hundreds of Liberians within the private sector, some of which belong to different political parties”, he concluded.

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