“Baseless, Without Merit” -Sen. Sherman Terms Attempt to Investigate Sen. Dillon

MONROVIA – Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney G. Sherman has accordingly recused himself from chairmanship of the committee set up recently to investigate Senator Darius Dillon, who described members of the Senate as “rotten and spineless” because they had passed the recast budget without the membership of the Senate discussing the said budget.

And as The Analyst has now gathered, Cllr. Varney Gbotonambi Sherman has described the entire investigation baseless and without merit, not deserving the attention that has been engendered.

Senator Sherman’s decision to recuse himself from leading the committee to investigate his Montserrado County colleague lawmaker comes against the backdrop of huge public outcry following report that the Senate was set to remove Senator Dillon over his graphic description of a corruption-infested legislature.

Capturing the heartbeat of the opposition, the new Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings vehemently opposed any idea aimed at kicking Senator Dillon out of the Liberian Senate on account of exercising his democratic franchise engendered under free speech.

“The CPP vehemently objects and will oppose any attempt to silence, suspend or remove Dillon from the Senate. This is a planned and determined effort to silence critical and independent voices in the Senate, and eventually remove them. Dillon, being the loudest opposition voice in the senate, is the primary target,” CPP Chairman Alexander Cummings averred.

In furtherance, the CPP Chairman recalled that the threat to remove Sen. Dillon began on the day of his induction when Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie of Grand Kru County did the dishonorable thing of threatening Dillon with removal from the Senate for Dillon declaring his assets and urging other senators to do the same.

Alluding to that statement from Pro Temp Chie, the CPP quoted him as stating to Dillon at the time: ‘…the power to remove you from here is not with the Liberian people, it is with us here, we alone have that power…. Here we are master of our own rules.’

“In spite of that, Dillon courageously continued to publicly expose and condemn the actions of the Senate including the huge salaries and benefits of senators, and corruption in the senate on a number of occasions and objecting to the passage of the recast budget before debating it,” Chairman Cummings noted.

“Chie’s insistence to remove Dillon from the Senate unless Dillon plays by secret and corrupt rules and joins the bandwagon of corruption in the senate is abominably disgusting and a betrayal of the Liberian people. Chie, a member of the ruling party, whose failure to exercise leadership and ensure the independence of the Senate, has led to seemingly corruption-induced actions by the Senate, including the unconstitutional removal of an Associate Justice, and the surreptitious confirmation of many questionable executive appointees, often under allegations of bribery. He is the one who should be investigated and removed from the Senate. We call on all well-meaning Liberians to stand against this injustice and ensure that Sen. Dillon remains in the Senate to continue fighting for you,” a seeming incensed Cummings had lamented.

Strangely enough, Senate Pro Tempore Chie was on record Tuesday for stating emphatically that he had given Sen. Dillon extensive monetary support during Dillon’s quest to wrestle the Montserrado County from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

“I never believed Senator Albert Chie to be this stupid. So he is reporting himself that he supported Dillon against President Weah’s own CDC candidate during the gone by-elections?” wondered Sebastian Mulbah of Logan Town.

“Varney Sherman needs to redeem himself,” says Ambullai Kandakai of Robertsport City, Grand Cape Mount County.

“We are prepared to kick him out in 2020. Gboto Nambi must work hard otherwise he will wear johnny tear butt,” Kandakai retorted.

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