Bai Gbala Writes Pres. Weah – Points to Presidential Laissez Faire Over Lieutenants

The state of the nation’s unfortunate socioeconomic affairs, much of which was inherited by the current government, concerns various demographic segments of the population. While many might think it is the increasing unemployment rate amongst young people that underpins the high cost of living, others see it otherwise and with varying lenses. Even the elderly, including veteran politicians and public servants, have their own perspectives. One is former presidential advisor Bai M. Gbala. He harbors his own qualms which he expressed in an open letter to President Weah. See below full text of Mr. Gbala’s letter to President Weah.

June 16, 2019 2019


His Excellency Dr. George M. Weah

President, Republic of Liberia

The Executive Mansion

Capitol Hill, Monrovia


Mr. President:

I have the honor to present sincere greetings and compliments of the highest esteem and as Constituent, actively-engaged Senior Citizen-Elder, I have wondered about the profoundly negative, damaging turn-of-events – social cultural, economic and political in our country – during the past one year and half since the incumbency of the George Weah-led Political Administration.

Experienced and retired lifetime public servant (student of Public Policy), I begged, spoke, wrote and submitted several unsolicited, sincere professional advice to young administration. But the lieutenants were, and are, not prepared, apparently, to entertain reasonable, professional suggestions and counsel and/or honor rational, lawful thoughts on Government and Governance. But You, Mr. George Weah, are the democratically-elected President of the Nation, accountable to the people and at the Center of it all and, therefore, must be aware and concerned about this condition.

Indeed, from top to bottom, things socio-economic and political have no not only fallen apart, but also, that they are on the verge being completely destroyed. For example, the Nation’s Economy, the most important contribution to the nation’ up-keep and general well-being, has gone to the great beyond and the foreign exchange rate in depreciation, in hot pursuit, due to macroeconomic paralysis of the nation’s Fiscal & Monetary Affairs policies, with individual and general impact.   As if these conditions are not daunting enough, the Liberian political rulers, the officials of government, have, now, monopolized/institutionalized the international Vice of graft/greed or Liberia Corruption, Inc.

The Major Problem

The prevailing crucial, critical problem here is clearly that You, though “democratically-elected”, seem unwilling and unable, apparently, to have a firm, democratic political grip of your democratic leadership, power and authority; and that your efforts, as President under Law, are being undermined by close confidants whose services to the administration are only for graft/greed or corruption and sycophancy! 

Case in point has been, and is, the on-going flagrant illegal disregard of your constitutional powers of appointment subsequently confirmed by the Senate of Mr. Moses Dweh more than a year ago. The agencies and officials in this profound disobedience and violation of law with impunity are the Superintendent of Grand Gedeh County, Minister & the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Chairman of the Liberia Land Authority Commission. You have of the relevant legal document!

In Conclusion

Accordingly, I ask that while there is still time for remedial action, You as President of Liberia, must summon the proverbial political will to stamp your democratic authority on your administration by taking stern, fair punitive actions against vices inimical to good Government & Governance in the interest of the People, Nation and generations yet unborn. Time, Mr. President of Liberia, is running out, waits for no one.


Bai M. Gbala, Sr.

Bai M. Gbala, Sr.



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