Avoid Recalcitrance -Former Lawmaker Urges Sethi Steel Factory Workers

By: Rancy S. Teewia

The former Representative of Montserrado County District #12 and Assistant Professor of the University of Liberia Prof. Richmond S. Anderson has urged the Sethi Ferro Fabrik Modern Steel Factory workers not to be recalcitrant, but to be respectful to the leadership of the factory.

He made the statement when he was certificated by workers Union of the Sethi Ferro Fabrik Modern Steel Factory at an honoring ceremony on Sunday, August 4, 2019, at the Fabrik Modern Steel Factory Liberia, in the Chicken Soup Factory Community, Gardnerville.

“Thank God for the great things he has done and we want to thank God for Sethi Brothers and for the government,” Mr. Anderson said.

The former lawmaker also thanked God for the people of District #12, especially the Chicken Soup factory Community.

Anderson said, “You know, development comes with pain; when I was lawmaker, thousands of people went to my house daily wanting me to advocate for them not to demolish theirs Houses. But they did not know that thousands of people were going to be homeless while thousands of people were going to be having jobs when it happens.”

According to him, the people slept in the dew and felt the pain, but today they are happy because their pots are boiling, and that there are smiles on their faces because they can provide for their families.

Anderson said the people of that community are also happy because they are able to rent a room for their families, saying that the Steel Factory is their future which they should not destroy.

“You have come to work; you did not come to destroy.  Do not be recalcitrant; go by the labor laws and respect the leadership of the factory – have the thinking that you have a job to protect,” Mr. Anderson intimated.

Prof. Anderson also told the employees not to be rebellious on the job, but understand their responsibility as family heads and avoid things that are not right.  “When anything that goes on wrong, you should consult the management of the factory, or follow the labor procedure for redress,” he said; adding that what is do not what is right.

Meanwhile, the employees extended their thanks and appreciations to Prof. Anderson, chanting slogans that “It is because of Prof. Anderson we are working today and providing for our.”

The workers acknowledged that the Steel Factory was established through Anderson’s advocacy and during his tenure as Representative the District.

At same time, the CEO of Sethi Ferro Fabrik Modern Steel Factory Liberia, Mr. Paul Sethi, said he will make sure to help Liberia in building the country’s economy by establishing more factories across Liberia.

Mr. Paul Sethi was also honored by the workers Union of the Sethi Ferro Fabrik Modern Steel Factory Liberia for his tremendous contributions to the Liberian economy and good working relationship with the workers Union.

It can be recalled that few weeks ago, President George M. Weah and other officials of Government dedicated the Sethi Ferro Fabrik Modern Steel Factory Liberia, which employed more than three hundred Liberians.

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