Atty. Isaac Jackson Sacks Cllr. Arthur Johnson for Conflict of Interest

London: Liberia’s Permanent Representative to IMO, Atty, Isaac W. Jackson Jr. has with immediate effect relieved Cllr. Arthur T. Johnson of his post as his legal counsel representing him at the ongoing Prohibition Case before the Honorable, the Supreme Court of Liberia

   Atty. Isaac Jackson says he has dismissed Cllr. Arthur T. Johnson because Cllr. Johnson now represents conflicting interests. In his letter dated January 20, 2020, addressed to Cllr. Jonson, Jackson says “consistent with Rules 8 and 9 of the Code for the Moral and Ethical Conduct of lawyers, you can no longer make effective representation for me in the ongoing Prohibition Case, considering that you now Head Government’s Asset Recovery Team, which effectively bars you from arguing against the Government of Liberia”.

Jackson’s letter further says that as Head of the Government Asset Recovery Team, Cllr. Arthur Johnson will be serving as principal lawyer prosecuting cases for and on behalf of the Government; so he (Jackson) could no longer retain Arthur Johnson as his lawyer.

According to a release dated January 21, 2020, Isaac Jackson also blames Cllr. Arthur Johnson for failing, despite several requests to file a bill of information at the Supreme Court to bring to the court’s attention the Government’s contemptuous refusal to abide by the Supreme Court’s directive; and for abandoning his case. Jackson says following Cllr. Johnson’s April 22, 2019 press conference, announcing his withdrawal from the case, he (Jackson) wrote Cllr. Johnson requesting him to reinstate himself based upon the well-established Rules of Court, which do not allow lawyers to withdraw from a case after making representation before the Full-bench of the Supreme Court. But, Cllr. Johnson ignored and disregarded the advice.

Meanwhile, Atty. Isaac Jackson has appointed Human Rights lawyer, Cllr. Finley Y. Karngar to serve as his legal counsel to pick up from where Cllr. Johnson stopped.

Isaac Jackson therefore thanks Cllr. Arthur Johnson for his initial courage and bravery to represent him throughout from Chambers Justice level to the Full-bench of the Supreme Court, and asks Cllr. Johnson to turn over the casefile to Cllr. Finley Y. Karngar to enable Cllr. Karngar continue with representation in the going prohibition Case at the Supreme Court.


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