ArcelorMittal’s Yekepa Training Academy Continues to Attract Fresh Liberian Talents

MONROVIA – Scores of findings have suggested how Liberia is acutely lacking behind with trained personnel to take up roles in its technical industries.

The mining and engineering sectors, have for years experienced brain-drain due to low enrollment in science math and engineering at universities, colleges, and technical institutions.

But in sense, there are the kinds of trainings that are required to ignite critical thinking around development of industries which is key to advance economic growth.

Given this huge technical human resource gap, Arcelor Mittal Liberia (AML) in 2018 launched its 7 million technical training capacity development program to help train young people in the technical field.

It is the vision of AML that the facility provides the required knowledge and skills that can advance industrial development and unleash dynamic and competitive economic performance which will generates income and employment, facilitate international trade, and increase resource efficiency.

At a recent interview in Yekepa, the ArcelorMittal training Academy Manager Dawie Loots filled with excitement said the initiative by the company was thus a major driver of poverty alleviation and shared prosperity.

Loot explained how being a part of the story of the transformation of the VTC to the ArcelorMittal Liberia Training Academy (AMLTA) is one of the most cherished experiences that displays a strong sense of fulfillment of purpose.

Truce to his words, last week, the academy welcomed about 60 new intakes just weeks after 50 young Liberians walked away with diplomas in various technical fields including diesel mechanics, fitting, industrial electricity, and boiler making after three years of practical and theoretical training.

Over the next three years, the company’s experienced technicians will provide hands-on knowledge for the new recruits and help mode them into talented technicians prepared to handle complex industry tasks.

The idea of the Yekepa training academy is to expose young Liberians to conditions and technologies in mining and engineering as the company’s phase two expansion project unfolds in an ideal mining environment.

Apart from absorbing all ArcelorMittal Training Academy graduates into its workforce since 2018, huge opportunities for hire await these young Liberians as the company swells mining and logistics operations to 30mtpa.

The phase 2 is already generating 3000 jobs in the construction phase alone with Liberians occupying more than 95% of the roles created.

When the ore processing plant is completed, with the company making additional investment in rail, and port, it is graduates from such training who will manage these complex technical facilities, earn income, and improve standard of living.

With state of the arts equipment and experienced engineering teachers, AML Training Academy will for decades make meaningful contributions to Liberia’s social economic development.

It will continue to give young people globally recognized and certified apprenticeship training for roles such as diesel mechanics, electricians, mechanical fitters, boilermakers, welders, and instrumentation technicians.

AcelorMittal’s Training Academy is indeed one of a kind in the country.

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