ArcelorMittal’s Phase II Expansion A partnership rooted in contribution and shared impact

MONROVIA: As normal live continues in towns and villages around iron ore rich mountains, the Phase II Expansion Project of ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML)  seen as a signature project at current unfolds, bringing to light a testament to a partnership rooted in contribution and shared impact in the face of rhythmic hum of progress that echoes in the Nimba landscape of northern Liberia through the collaboration between ArcelorMittal Liberia and the local communities that host its mining and logistics operations.

The journey to this partnership began with the company recognizing the importance of sustainable development, intertwining her growth with the prosperity of the Liberian People.

ArcelorMittal’s commitment goes beyond steel; it is evidently becoming a solid commitment to the people and the land grown by this narrative of solid relationship between ArcelorMittal and the locals.

Through various initiatives, from education programs empowering the youth to agriculture and environmental stewardship projects, AML has not only thrived, but the company has managed in the midst of challenges to become an integral part of the community’s fabric and the postwar Liberian story.

As the Phase II Expansion Project takes shape, all segments of the project are coming alive, including the construction of the first modern ore concentrator in Yekepa, expansion of the capacity of the port of Buchanan and the Yekepa- Buchanan Railway upgrade.

Not just the physical infrastructure, the Phase Two Expansion also mirrors the strengthening bonds between ArcelorMittal and Liberia through Job opportunities, empowering individuals with newfound skills and providing economic resilience to the three counties affected by AML’s operations.

The Phase Two Expansion Project isn’t without its challenges, but the resilience of the partnership and commitment from AML prevails powered by collaborative problem-solving as a cornerstone, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and improvement. This can be seen all across the operations.

Our reporter made a recent visit to the Yekepa Concession area where he witnessed schools echo with laughter, local businesses flourish in function with provision of services, and the spirit of progress embraced every corner.

The progress of ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Phase II Expansion Project cannot be measured solely in tons of steel produced; but it is gauged by the positive transformation that will be woven into the community’s story.

Company executives believe the Phase II Expansion Project of ArcelorMittal with its inadequacies emerges as a catalyst for transformative change that is capable of creating ripples of prosperity across Grand Bassa, Nimba, and Bong counties when fully supported to completion by the government and people of Liberia for reasons that to include flourishing employment; Social Development Support to Grand Bassa, Nimba, and Bong Counties; Increased Contributions to the Liberian Government; and Increased Contributions to the Liberian Government.

Employment Flourishes:

With the expansion comes a surge in job opportunities, a lifeline for local communities. Recently, AML announced its workforce has increased over the last two years in support of Phase Two Expansion. And many believe, as ArcelorMittal becomes not just a workplace, it is moving towards a position where the Belgium headquartered steel company could be considered a cornerstone of livelihood in Liberia.

Families are promised they will rejoice as breadwinners would return home with something to offer including newfound skills, contributing not only to the company’s success but to the resilience of their communities.

Social Development Support to Grand Bassa, Nimba, and Bong Counties:

ArcelorMittal’s commitment extended beyond steel production and export for the nearly two decades it has been in Liberia. The Phase II Expansion Project ushers in a new era of social development, with the company actively engaging in community initiatives. Education programs could increase, empowering the youth with knowledge and skills.

Healthcare facilities, as the company has repeatedly done, similarly stand a chance to receive increased support, ensuring the well-being of hundreds of citizens that cannot benefit government healthcare programs. Besides, Infrastructure projects like construction of roads, connecting remote areas to progress and delivering on the promise of ArcelorMittal not just building ore mines; but constructing a legacy of social upliftment.

Increased Contributions to the Liberian Government:

As the company expands its operations, so many of its top leaders have openly and privately spoken about improved contributions to the Liberian government to help solve mounting social challenges. The taxes and royalties paid by ArcelorMittal Liberia on the Phase Two Expansion Project will ultimately become a financial backbone for national development.

With this, the partnership between the private sector and the government can become a model for sustainable growth, with the benefits reverberating not only in corporate boardrooms but in the corridors of public Liberian institutions of service delivery.

With this kind of investment, the economic landscape stands a chance to transform, marked by prosperity, resilience, and shared success.

These are the emoluments that position the ArcelorMittal Liberia Phase II Expansion Project not just an industrial milestone; but a testament to the profound impact that a company, conscious of its social responsibility, can have on a nation’s journey toward progress where the industry, community, and government walked hand in hand, scripting a story of sustainable growth, prosperity, and a brighter future for all.

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