ArcelorMittal Liberia Embarks on Road Rehabilitation Work for Affected Nimba Communities

By Franklin Doloquee/Nimba County

Yekepa, Nimba County – Several affected communities in ArcelorMittal Liberia’s operational areas in Yekepa, Nimba County are to benefit from ongoing road rehabilitation work following a recent mediation between the company and the communities.

The road work, which started last week, is expected to reach several towns and villages around the mining town of Yekepa in Districts Two and Three before moving to other affected districts.

Residents expressed their happiness to reporters, stating that they are pleased to see ArcelorMittal embarking on such project.

They described the work as a great relief, helping to prevent the hardships caused by bad road conditions.

Residents of Yarmie area shared that the road rehabilitation will enhance good working relationships between the mining company and the affected communities.

Yei Suah and Ericson Yini also expressed their happiness, noting that they had been suffering from poor road networks but are now pleased with the company’s efforts to address some of their needs.

“This road work being carried out by ArcelorMittal for us from the affected communities makes us very happy. This will help reduce our suffering regarding road networks in our respective towns. We are very happy with this mining company,” added the affected communities.

Nimba-based journalist, Franklin Doloquee reports that the road rehabilitation work is part of the company’s commitment made during a recent visit by Internal Affairs Minister Francis Sikili Nyumalin to the company’s mining facilities in Yekepa.

The minister’s visit followed a recent protest by affected communities who used roadblocks to halt ArcelorMittal’s operations in various mountainous areas of the county.

Addressing the gathering recently in Yekepa, ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Operational Manager, Andrew Taylor, pledged the company’s commitment to working with the affected communities and Liberians in general to improve their lives and maintain peaceful communities.

He reiterated the company’s commitment to rehabilitating various farm-to-market roads in the affected communities and the county at large.

The management of ArcelorMittal also pledged at last Sunday’s meeting to continue fostering a peaceful working environment with the affected communities and Liberians in general.

The company has committed to rehabilitating over a thousand kilometers of roads for the affected communities, thereby helping to address some of the challenges they face.

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  1. E Massoud says

    Protest apparently is the best option to resolve grievances that have been ignored for 20 plus years of AML operations.

    Bassa people what are you waiting for? Roberts Street that connects Buchanan to the AML concession camp will remained unpaved unless you take action like Nimbains. LAMCO ensured that that road was paved during its operations because it was the most travel and utilized road for both staff workers and local commuters. Is protest also necessary to reinstate the “Rail Bus” public transport system? What about a modern Pharmacy in Buchanan? Guess that’s too much to ask from a multi-billion asset company huh?

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