Appleton Endorses Rescue ‘Train’ -As JNB Showers Praises on Him

By: H. Matthew Turry

MONROVIA: As Liberians anticipate the final round of the 2023 Presidential election scheduled for November 14, the journey to the D-Day has been flooded with numerous endorsements for the two contenders, the incumbent Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Manneh Weah and the main opposition contender, the Unity Party. The latest of these endorsements for the opposition party’s RESCUE TRAIN is the third place winner of the October 10th presidential race, Mr. Edward W. Appleton of the Grassroots Development Movement (GDM)

The much talked about Appleton who was at a point in time considered as a ghost candidate announced his endorsement of the Unity Party ticket of Ambassador Boakai and Senator Jerimiah Kpan Koung on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at his party’s Headquarters in Congo Town.

Prior to his validation and approval of the Unity Party ticket, the All-Liberia Coalition Party of (ALCOP) of Mr. Lusinee Kamara, the Liberia People Party’s Tiawan Saye Gonglo, former Finance Minister Amara Konneh, Collaborator Political Party’s Advisor Toga McIntosh Gaywea, the Executive Committee of the All-Liberia Party led by its Chairman Theodore Momo amongst others are lined up in the chain of endorsements for the Boakai-Koung Ticket of the Unity Party Alliance for the presidential runoff between President Weah and former President Boakai both of whom were tied to 43 percent each.

Speaking at the endorsement ceremony, the Standard Bearer of the Grassroots Development Movement, Mr. Edward Wade Appleton Jr, said the decision to endorse the Presidential bid of former Vice President Boakai ‘is from the belle of the Grassroots Development Movement, as the party believes what the Unity Party stands for is aligned with the agenda of the GDM.

Mr. Appleton indicated that there are some who doubted the existence of the GMD during round one of the 2023 presidential, and therefore believed their votes were illegitimate. “But today some of them are calling us heroes,” he added.

The GMD political leader noted that while others were asleep for weeks, his party was  hovering over Liberia, crossing bridges with water loaded with leeches and accepting to eat whatever was offered in some villages and sometimes sleeping in cars.

Mr. Appleton added, “While this was being done, our campaign never stopped because our legs became our vehicles to carry our message into small churches, mosques, and rural communities; in places where some Liberians have never seen a presidential candidate before.

“We voted and after we voted at our party level to know where our support should go and 70% of the votes went in favor of the Unity Party,” he explained, saying “In other words, the party voted unanimously for the Unity Party.”

Mr. Appleton indicated that as leader of the party who believes in democratic principles and equal participation, “I am obligated to let the will of the people prevail without objection.

He then implores the Unity Party to carry the GMD’s ideology and principles along with you the UP. “Also, we all know that ideology will change with time and events, but principles don’t”, he asserted.

Appreciating his supporters, Mr. Appleton said, “… in endorsing the Unity Party, we must first of all appreciate the members of GDM whose morals and principles could not be shaken, but prefer to see Liberia take shape for the general good of the masses.”

Responding to the endorsement, Unity Party Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai said the decision by the GDM through its Standard Bearer is a great one to take with the temptations that come along with it.

According to former Vice President Boakai, there are lots of things that go with taking a decision of this sort, noting that when you go behind the scenes, there are people who will threaten you, and there are bigger packages that could influence endorsements of this nature at this critical time.

He lauded Mr. Appleton who he said has shown that he is a nationalist and a great Liberian. “Our country needs people of integrity. Leadership is about making other people rise, Liberians are looking for people who will realize their potentials, and not people who think they were elevated to build their luxuries of homes”, he asserted.

The former vice president added that for the past six years, Liberians were neglected by their leaders and entrusted with the authority to lead the country by proven quality leadership.

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