Another Intrusion! -Justice Scott’s Residence Broken Into Again, Looted

MONROVIA: For the fourth time in a year, the Virginia residence of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott, has been invaded by unidentified persons, this time making away with several items including a flat screen television set.

Justice Scott and three members of her family are remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting hearing into an appeal filed before the Supreme Court following their conviction at the Criminal Court ‘A’ in November, last year.

The intruders have reportedly been arrested by the help of community members who called police and took the individuals to a local depot of Zone 6 Base in Virginia,

There have been a series of complaints (reports) of unidentified intruders accessing the compound and making away with things and sometimes sleeping in, according to some neighbors (eye witnesses).
The question of a possibility of intrusion into the former Chief Justice’s residence was a major factor during the months long murder trial, after investigators of the Liberia National Police ruled out any possibility that anybody could intrude into the house, a conclusion that defense lawyers vehemently resisted through evidence, including expert testimonies, insisting that there were many possibilities of intrusion, and that the murder was committed by an intruder on the night of February 22, 2023.

During the trial at the lower court (Criminal Court A”), Defense raised the issue that unknown persons were still accessing the Compound and making away with items, but Prosecution argued that it was a family member by the name of Anthony Musu who was going to the compound under the pretext of feeding the dogs, and Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie therefore ruled that no family member should visit, and that the LNP be in charge of the compound.

The continuous accessing and intrusion of the compound is now being viewed as another validation of the Intrusion alarm raised by Cllr. Scott and her family which Police said was FALSE INFORMATION TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS.

These incidents of invasion or intrusion are also being seen as a validation that the compound (house) is not as fortified (protected) as the police made it to appear, and this could further diffuse the Government’s theory of NO INTRUSION, which is the main basis on which Cllr. Scott and family members were charged and convicted for killing another family member, Charloe Musu.
It can be recalled that the Head of the Police Investigation Team, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Monroe A. Dennis, about two weeks ago, made many startling revelations on a local radio (Hott FM), from the United States.

ACP Dennis on Phone from the US, informed the public through the local radio talk show that the investigation findings didn’t suggest the crimes mentioned in the indictment, but heavy hands interfered and insisted that Cllr. Scott and her family are charged as such.



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