Another Integrity Idol Hails from Grand Kru -Youth, 23, Finds and Returns LD450K

As opposed to the civil war era when Liberian youths were roaming the streets and countryside armed with deadly weapons and being used as pawns in the politicians’ deadly  proxy wars, young Liberians today are making news for themselves for all the right reasons. First, it was Emmanuel Tuloea, a Nimba County teenager who found US$50,000 on the roadside and returned it to the rightful owner. Since then, Emmanuel’s life has never been the same. As he hogs the limelight, integrity institutions are courting him with awards from all over the world. Now, following in Emmanuel Tuloe’s footpath, another youth from Grand Kru County is set to become Liberia’s next integrity idol.

Prince Fannoh, 23, a recent high school graduate and a motorbike rider from Sasstown, Grand Kru County, was rushing with passengers for the Cote d’Ivoire border on January 19 when he spotted a bag on the roadside. Prince reportedly discovered the bag along the roadside between Nrokai and Barclayville City, and gave it to his sister for safekeeping until his return. He did not open the bag to check the contents because he was rushing for the border.

During his absence, the owner of the bag, Madam Margaret Nimene, had placed a public service announcement on the radio about her missing bag containing 450,000 Liberian dollars.

When Prince returned Saturday, January 22, his sister who had opened the bag in his absence, showed him the bag with the LD450, 000 intact, informing him also that a lady had placed an announcement on the radio about her missing funds.

Prince Fannoh and his family immediately returned the bag containing the LD450, 000 to its rightful owner Madam Nimene through the radio station on Saturday, January 22, with all of the other contents still intact.

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