ANC Youth Descends On CDC Govt. -Wants Koijee & ‘Sabu Unit’ Brought to Book

Calling on the National Security to contained violence of the Coalition of Democratic Change’s Jefferson Koijee and the Sabu Unit of the Party,  the leadership of the National Youth Congress of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) says “the dealings of President George Manneh Weah and nearly all officials of his government and institutions including Koijee are so pervasively marked by violence and corruption, to an extent where the CDC-led government resembles a criminal empire than a democratic government.”

The ANC’s National Youth Congress therefore calls on national security forces to go beyond partisanship and bring Koijee and his Sabu Unit to book, while telling them to be cognizant of the fact that millions of dollars from Liberia’s international partners was spent to professionalize the vital institutions they work for, noting, “This will boost the confidence Liberians have in state security institutions and proportionally decrease the growing tension in the country.

Addressing a press conference at the Headquarters of the of the ANC in Monrovia last Friday, August 16, the ANC Youth Wing  Secretary General Mulbah Kesselley read the Youth Wing’s statement which frowned on what they considered “President George Manneh Weah’s support for attacks and violence against peaceful opposition supporters by his CDC men”, saying that “the wave of violence the ruling party has been perpetrating in the society is directly responsible for the degenerating state of affairs, fear and hopelessness in our country, particularly the decaying Liberian economy”.

The statement said the enviable success of governance achieved in Liberia by past government is under serious threat and maybe derailed by President Weah and his handful of “semi-educated, skilled-looters and self-seeking officials.”

The level of destructive violence, characteristic of Jefferson Koijee, and his reckless tendency to inflict harm, waste the blood of innocent women and children who are  associated with the opposition bloc, as well as stack wounds on people he disagrees with, is heart wrecking, alarming, threatening, but not surprising, the group said.

“Jefferson Koijee lived with, and was trained in military gangsterism by Chucky Taylor, the brutal son of Liberia’s dictator Charles Taylor. Mr. Kesselly further said Koijee who lived most of his childhood life as lackey of Chucky, was Chucky’s car washer, janitor, and laundry man.

“Later, because of Koijee’s loyalty and proclivity to violence and cruelty to human beings, he was later promoted by Chucky as the chief custodian of arms and ammunition and other deadly substances in the possession of Chucky. As a killing apprentice of Chucky, Koijee often spearheaded most of the violence and torture of young girls,” the group alleged.

ANC Youth’s statement furthe said it was therefore no surprise but shocking that Koijee, on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, led a band of thugs, hoodlums, and hooligans to attack the Deputy Police Inspector General for Operations of the Liberia National Police, and launched a bloody unprovoked attack on peaceful partisans, members and well-wishers of the four Collaborating Political Parties who had gathered to celebrate the election of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon at the Liberty Party Headquarters.

“Till date, little or nothing has been done by George Weah’s state security apparatuses to bring Koijee and his men to book. President Weah is simply telling the nation that the likes of Koijee and others in his inner circle are beyond reproach, above the laws of the land, or are better than other Liberians,” the ANC Youth Wing said, noting that it was not Koijee’s first time to launch mob violence against opposition supporters.”

The statement recalled that in 2018 during the by-election in District 13 in Montserrado County, Koijee led a band of CDC-trained hoodlums to attack and wound opposition supporters, with impunity.

“Since Jefferson Koijee made a statement against Mrs. Jestina Taylor, a partisan of the Alternative National Congress, in which he attempted to draw Mr. Cummings, the lady has been facing some serious life threatening medical complications. Interestingly, this is happening after she was taken by men alleged to be plain-clothes Liberian security officers to an unknown place and tortured,” the statement said.

The ANC Youth said the president’s support for attacks and violence against peaceful opposition supporters by his CDC men is directly responsible for the degenerating state of affairs, fear and hopelessness in our country, particularly the decaying Liberian economy. They pointed out that Liberians, who critique actions of the executive, provide directions that must be pursued for the good of the state, are now living in constant fear for their lives and those of their families – this is totally unacceptable.

“Our local and international partners must help to curb the increasing belligerence of the failing president and the warlike attitude of his gangsters led by Koijee, who now see the state as their personal property that they can abuse anyhow,” he said.

The group accentuated that while Liberia is mired in a crisis of poor governance caused by people who are focused on stealing from the country and attacking opponents, citizens are left neglected to die in abject poverty; rejected to perish in some of the world’s worst slums; dejected by the reckless abandonment of the man they once trusted with the presidency; and, sadly, Liberians have been denied a fair share in the distribution of the national cake.

The ANC Youth’s statement said the women down Waterside Market, Duala, Redlight and in other parts of Liberia are simply wishing that their president will stop living like a bluff-boy, while the rest of the country suffers from the menacing hands of poverty, insecurity, hike in the prices of commodities and services, depreciating value of the Liberian Dollar, etc.

They are of the opinion that all Liberians want is a government that will be concerned about changing the terrible condition of the economy, so that they can work hard and make ends meet for their families. Unfortunately, President Weah lacks the intellectual capacity to discern any solution to arrest the crumbling economy, much less the leadership ability to lead a country in search of direction, and his team is largely incompetent to offer any serious help – most of them are focused on devising means to short-change the Liberian people.

Hear the ANC Youth, “The fathers who have no means to feed their families or send their children to school are not lazy. The mothers and young babies who are dying from curable and preventable diseases are Liberians just like Weah and the likes of Koijee. But while the value of the Liberian Dollar has depreciated to an all-time low, our president and his boys are focused on rigging an election in District 15. What will a representative who confessed to stealing do better than his head, George Weah? This is sad. This is despicable. This is wicked. And this is heartlessness that only Satan should do.”

The statement noted that despite poverty, intractable social problems, mind-boggling corruption and dire failures of planning and infrastructure, the Mayor of Monrovia sees wearing luxurious and expensive suits as a measure of the success of his office.

“Monrovia is not a place for the fainthearted. From the first wallop of steamy air on alighting from a plane, Monrovia is a plunge pool of intense exhilaration, jumbled with measures of shock, frustration, rage and boredom. A man like Koijee, who could not even afford to buy a wheelbarrow, can now purchase in live in a US$250,000.00 home just 18 months after coming to power; just few months after $16bn disappeared and $25m squandered,” the ANC Youth statement said.

Liberians are living with worsening failure of their government to provide leadership and infrastructure, and so they have been coerced to adapt to living in despicable filthy conditions. The city is visual anarchy, with piles of uncollected trash, mountains of jumbled dirt, abandoned car skeletons, tires, and the list goes on. Filth par excellence, nastiness, per se, characterize many of our streets; dirt, stagnant water, puddles of scummy pestilential oozings can be seen in hundreds of localities, while smells strong enough to affect the heavens, and putrid enough to destroy a population, permeate the sanctities of our homes, and render uninhabitable whole blocks of our tenements.

The current political structure in Liberia, the ANC Youth said, is built on the foundation of corruption – its officials are recruited by measures of deceit, ethnocentrism, chicanery, etc. “And until this structure is theoretically, politically, legally, and psychologically dismantled, no fight against any societal vice in this country will ever succeed. The towering stance Liberians have taken to ensure that Weah is constantly reminded that Liberia belongs to every Liberian must never be abated”, they said.

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