ANC Suspends Youth Congress Chair, Others

In the wake of the recent riot that occurred among youth leaders at the headquarters of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Chairman of the Youth Congress, Mr. T. Benjamin Myers, and other ANC youth militants have been suspended following submission on June 7, 2020 of the National Executive Committee Ad Hoc Grievance Committee Report on the incident.

According to an ANC press release, the Committee’s report established that the Chairman of the Youth Congress, Mr. T. Benjamin Myers, admitted to having received a Toyota Camry, a cell phone and cash from another political party as an offer to resign from the ANC and join said party as its Secretary-General.

The report also found that Mr. Myers took militants to the ANC Headquarters to resist the actions of his colleagues who were in the process of holding a press conference to announce his suspension, a situation which led to the riot and injuries. The report also established that the actions of some executives of the Youth Congress, to announce an internal organ’s decision to the public via a press conference, without officially informing the Executive Committee was procedurally wrong.

Based on the recommendations of the Grievance Committee, after two weeks of investigation, the National Executive Committee has with immediate effect suspended Mr. T. Benjamin Myers from the ANC for a period of one year six months.

The Party says it has suspended Myers for engaging in acts inimical to the interest and survival of the party, and for engaging in undercover political and economic dealings with another political party as Youth Chair.

Meanwhile, the following members of the Militant Wing including Kelvin Bartuah (Chairman of the Militant Brigade), George Freeman (Militant) and Romeo Dennis (Chief of Operations of the Militant Brigade) are with immediate effect hereby suspended for two years, for perpetrating violence in the party with deadly weapons.

The ANC with immediate effect has also suspended for three weeks Messrs. James Morris (Vice Chairman for Administration of the Youth Congress), Butu Levi (Vice Chairman for Operations for the Youth Congress), and Mulbah Kesselly (Secretary General of the Youth Congress), for violating party’s procedure and failure to obtain permission from the party before accessing the party headquarters to host a press conference.

“Anyone doing business with these persons on behalf of the ANC during the period of their suspension will be doing so at his/her own risk. The ANC assures the public of its zero tolerance on violence, and commitment to party discipline and the rule of law,” the ANC stated categorically.

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