ANC, LP Condemn GOL “Unprovoked Attacks” -Against Peaceful Assembly Of Liberians

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the Liberty Party (LP), constituent members of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), in their own names and jointly, have condemned in the strongest term “the unprovoked attack on peaceful citizens, by the Government of Liberia through the Liberia National Police (LNP)”.

According to a joint statement issued Tuesday, January 18, 2022 by the two CPP opposition political parties, the unprovoked attack using teargas, which led to multiple bodily injuries and disruptions along the Camp Johnson Road and Capitol Hill corridors, occurred as Liberians were peacefully assembling, consistent with their constitutional rights to do so, on Capitol Hill, in Monrovia.

“These peaceful Liberians were displaying banners and posters calling for justice and indicating solidarity with the Standard Bearer of the ANC, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, who is being politically prosecuted by the Government of Liberia at the Monrovia Magisterial Court, at the Temple of Justice, in Monrovia, on bogus misdemeanor charges of ‘forgery and criminal conspiracy”, as complained by the All Liberian Party of Mr. Benoni Wilfred Urey,” the LP/ANC statement said.

Continuing, the two CPP constituent members noted that the Government of Liberia has a duty to protect the people and not to intimidate and or injure them especially when they freely and peaceably assemble to express themselves.

“The exercise of the right to peacefully assemble, demonstrate and rally is a function of democracy, which by its unprovoked actions today, the Weah-led government is attempting to deny peaceful citizens. We are appalled by the action of the government and are gathering information on the extent of the injuries made on these peaceful Liberian citizens.

“We stand with the Liberian people and strongly oppose any action, including today’s unprovoked attacks on peaceful citizens, which attempts to undermine Liberia’s young democracy and peace, for which many Liberians bled, suffered and died. Accordingly, the ANC and the LP insist and calls in the Weah-led government to abide by the laws of the country, and do not betray its responsibility to protect Liberians, especially as they exercise their rights to peacefully assemble,” said the release signed by the secretary generals of the two institutions, Martin S. Kollah of the LP and Aloysius Toe of the ANC.

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