ANC Furious Over Framework Breaches -Cummings Walks Out of CPP Meeting, Declines UP Invitation

The cascading chain of events deviling the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) point to a widening irreparable divide within Liberia’s biggest opposition bloc, as one of the CPP constituent members, the Alternative National Congress (ANC), crying foul over what it sees as several contravening unconstitutional actions by other constituent members of the CPP, has declined an invitation from the Unity Party to attend a program marking the endorsement and presentation of Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai as the Unity Party’s Aspirant for the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

In a strongly worded response to the Unity Party invitation, ANC political leader Alexander Cummings said he declined the UP invitation due to a number of concerns with the process which led to the program.

“In particular, the action to derive an aspirant for the position of CPP Standard Bearer through a process outside of a national convention fails short of the Core Values of the CPP as stated in section 3.1.2 “Good Governance: including in particular Inclusiveness, Participation, Accountability and Transparency”.

Mr. Cummings also noted in his retort of a response to UP Chairman Amin Modad’s invitation, that the selection process of the UP Standard Bearer also runs contrary to the Guiding Principles of the CPP which provide for the creation of “an enabling environment of upholding the tenets of democracy including respect for the Rule of Law and human rights”, and has the potential to expose the CPP to public ridicule.

“To the ANC, the Core Values and Guiding Principles of the CPP are not without legal force and moral effect. In addition, they define the deeper values of our commitment to each other, and our pledge to the Liberian people for a better Liberia. Therefore, the ANC believes each constituent member of the CPP must act, at all times, to uphold and adhere to the rule of law, including the laws which govern our respective parties,” Mr. Cummings stated emphatically.

It can be recalled that Mr. Alexander Cummings had also walked out a CPP political leaders’ meeting last week over what the ANC termed as a protest against repeated violations of the CPP Framework Agreement.

According to an ANC press release issued September 10, 2021, the CPP constituent member stated that despite Mr. Cummings’ best efforts to halt and reverse the repeated violations of the Framework Agreement by Political Leaders of the Collaboration of Political Parties (CPP), he was forced to walk out of a meeting of Political Leaders, noting further that although Mr. Cummings had requested for such meeting, the September 10 meeting was held without any agenda.

“The ANC is a constituent member-party of the CPP. The others include the Unity Party (UP), the Liberty Party (LP), and the All Liberian Party (ALP). It can be recalled that the Political Leaders of the CPP have recently engaged in the usurpation of the functions of the various organs and functionaries of the CPP in violation of the Framework Agreement. No such powers is reserved in the Framework Agreement for the reported actions of the Political Leaders, especially its repeated actions to usurp the functions and authority of the National Advisory Committee (NAC), the National Executive Committee (NEC), and the CPP Secretariat.

“Through its Political Leader, and after a review of the legal implications of the continued actions of the Political Leaders, the ANC has sought to call attention to these transgressions of the Framework Agreement, and to urge Political Leaders to self-correct and abide by the constitution of the CPP. The internal efforts of the Political Leader of the ANC to get his colleagues to self-correct and reverse course is unsuccessful. Today, again, the Political Leaders sought to proceed to implement a “decision” illegally reached by them without any color of authority in the Framework Agreement to do so.

“Therefore, the Political Leader of the ANC, having failed to advise his colleagues to abandon their continued violations, was compelled to walk out of a meeting to continue the transgressions. This is without prejudice to the continued membership of the ANC in the CPP. This is simply intended to clearly state that neither the ANC nor its Political Leader, or any organ to which it is a member in the CPP, will continue to be permitted to take actions in violations of any of the provisions of the Framework Agreement which binds the four parties,” the release stated.

Public reactions

The widening crack within the CPP appears to have caught many Liberians off guard, particularly those who had hoped for a positive governance change through the opposition bloc.

According to Brima Kamara of Johnson Street, the internal wrangling within the CPP will end up confusing voters, who will have no choice but to vote in favor of the ruling party. “Right now, some of my close friends in the opposition are thinking about going over to the CDC if the CPP continues to fight like this,” he stated.

“I just don’t get it; and I don’t care who becomes head of the CPP. I only want them to hold together and flog CDC like we did in Montserrado during the recent senatorial election. But if they don’t put their house in order, they will lose votes just as CDC lost vote back then,” says James Clinton of Johnsonville.

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