ANC Defense Lawyers Caution against Delay by State Prosecutors

The Defense Lawyers representing the interest of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) have accused the Solicitor General and team of requesting the court to subpoena 34 witnesses and are making no serious efforts to have them appear and testify in the alleged alteration of the Collaborating Political Parties CPP framework document.

ANC Lead Counselor, Abraham Sillah, said it has been over two weeks and only two of the 34 witnesses for the state have appeared in court as of April 27, 2022. Former Unity Party Vice President, Joseph Boakai, was subpoenaed last week to appear and testify on April 19. He has not appeared and court officers have cited obstructions of justice.

The Political Officer, Mr. Ignatius Wesseh and Hearing Officer, Mr. Fomba Swaray of the National Elections Commission (NEC) appeared and testified in the trial on Wednesday, April 27. The Political Officer testified and presented in court, a copy of the CPP framework document filed with the NEC, while the Hearing Officer presented the recorded version of the inquiry into complaint against the Unity Party non-participation in the Lofa County Senatorial by election, amidst objection by ANC Defense Lawyers.

 The Secretary General of the Unity Party, Mr. Mohammed Ali, who said he was neither a Christian or Muslim, and therefore could not take an oath on the Bible or Koran, is expected to testify, today, Thursday, April 28.

 The forgery and criminal conspiracy trial involving the Political Leader, Mr Alexander Cummings, National Chairman Daniel Naatehn and Secretary General Counselor Aloysius Toe is seemingly shrouded in deep conspiracy, after revelation that Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean and Solicitor General Cephus were in major disagreement over the arrest and trial of the three accused ANC officials.

Counselor Cephus said as Solicitor General and Chief Prosecutor, he had advised against the arrest order for lack of evidence but was opposed by Justice Minister Dean who insisted that the government proceed with the arrest and prosecutions of the three ANC officials.

ANC officials have vehemently rejected and denied the charges as bogus, and politically motivated as part of conspiracy between the All Liberian Party of Benoni Urey and the ruling CDC with ulterior motives.

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