ANC Chairman Extols McIntosh’s Political Relevance -Says, “He Is An Invaluable Asset”

The National Chairman of the Alternative National Congress(ANC), Mr. Daniel Naatehn has acknowledged and praised the political relevance of Dr.Toga Gayewea McIntosh as far as the Liberia’s democratic dispensation is concerned, describing him as an “invaluable asset” that will immensely and certainly pilot ANC to win state power in the ensuing general elections in 2023.

Chairman Naatehn who is also a senator for Gbarpolu County made the assertion at the National Headquarters of the party during a welcome ceremony held for Dr. McIntosh to receive his statement of endorsement of Alexander B. Cummings, the Standard Bearer and Political Leader of ANC delivered recently during a press conference he hosted in Monrovia. He also lauded McIntosh for his unwavering support to the process.

Mclntosh, who was the former national Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change 2017 Presidential and Legislative Campaign council that spearheaded the electoral victory of President George Manneh Weah and the CDC ditched the ruling party and switched allegiance to Cummings on August 3, 2022. During his endorsement, he said after a careful assessment and evaluation of all major contenders in the 2023 race, including President Weah, he opted for Mr. Cummings based on his capabilities, hard work, honesty, and sense of political direction as to how the ANC intends to lead Liberia.

Presenting his endorsement statement, the former Liberian diplomat and a high profile civil servant said Liberia is in a deep “hole and in coma,” under the leadership of President George Weah, and that only Cummings amongst all the candidates, is capable of rescuing Liberia.

He expressed his readiness and willingness to assiduously work with the party and ensure Mr. Cummings’ election as President in 2023.

Mclntosh has been in the limelight of Liberian politics in the last 32 years and have held several key national and international positions including Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Liberia’s Special Representative to ECOWAS and other United Nations positions.

Naatehn thanked Dr. Mclntosh on behalf of the Party for the confidence so expressed and reposed in Mr. Cummings as the best alternative for President in 2023.

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