RECLAIMING MONTSERRADO!!! -CDC Kicks Dust on Historic “Blue Day” – Chairman Morlu : “Mobilize, Organize, Widen the Margin”

Montserrado County remains not only Liberia’s topmost political and administrative seat of government, but it also holds the unique distinction as the most populous part of Liberia in terms of votes. When opposition politician Abraham Darius Dillon snatched the Montserrado County senate seat in a special election from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in 2019 with more than 100,000 votes, it sent a harrowing signal that Monsterrado can be anybody’s take democratically, if and when the citizens are not satisfied about how their welfare is managed. Against this backdrop, the CDC launched its “BlueDay Tsunani” last Saturday at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville where they sent a loud and clear signal to Liberians here and abroad that they are ready to take back what they claim is theirs, as CDCians thronged in their thousands to converge at the SKD to pledge their loyalty and support to the candidacy of Representative Thomas Fallah who rides on the CDC Montserrado County senate ticket.

In the wake of the historic CDC “BlueDay Tsunami” show of strength which was marked by intense mobilization and jubilation unlike most events in recent times, the National Chairman of the ruling party, Mulbah Morlu, emphasized that the CDC has locked down the SKD Sports Complex in a gigantic, historic success that no other political institution has attempted in Liberia’s 173 years history.

“Reclaiming Montserrado is in its final stages as we accelerate the push. We can’t slow down now until the redemption is complete; Mobilize, Organize, Widen the Margin. Back to the trenches; Return, Unite, Reclaim,” Chairman Morlu reiterated.

Mounting the podium, President George M. Weah called on his partisans, supporters and sympathizers to exercise restraint, and never get angry when they are about to make important decisions.

“In life, never take decisions when you are mad.  Because when you are angry you make the wrong decisions,” President George Manneh Weah cautioned the crowd.

President Weah’s caution was in obvious reference to the massive votes that opposition politician Abraham Darius Dillon garnered in 2019 to unseat the CDC in their own Montserrado County stronghold due to the enduring socioeconomic constraints the citizens faced prior to the 2019 special elections which saw Dillon winning the late Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff’s vacant seat.

Pundits believe that the people of Montserrado County voted for Dillon due to their anger and displeasure with the harsh socioeconomic conditions pervading the country at the time, all of which conditions still exist and have multiplied.

Climaxing the event, President Weah officially presented party regalia to new CDC recruits including Liberia’s former soccer midfield maestro, Kevin Sebwe; ace goalkeeper Pewu Bestman, among others.

The man of the moment, Representative Thomas Fallah, in whose honor the “CDC BlueDay Tsunami” was staged, overly appreciative of the turnout and outpouring of love from Liberians who stormed the SKD Complex, could not hide his elation about the event.

“Thanks to the Almighty God for the rain yesterday. Before our gathering at the SKD, the rain discouraged tons of our supporters, from attending the rally. But God is indeed a miracle-working God. In spite of the rain, the SKD was filled beyond capacity — inside and out. Fellow Cdcians, THANK YOU. A mighty big appreciation to the entire structure of our great party and everyone who played a role in making the day a success. To the people of Montserrado County, a mighty big appreciation for the overwhelming show of support. Thank you for proving that you’re standing with us in this process. I am grateful. Yesterday, we made a declaration of intent. But our work is not done — let’s continue the campaign to ensure that we create an earthquake at the ballot box on December 8. Remember to vote number 4 on the ballot. Join our team to transform lives, empower our people and develop the communities in Montserrado County,” candidate Fallah stated warmly.

For his part, Presidential Minister of State and Chief of Staff, Nathaniel Falo McGill extolled the “amazing partisans” for turning out to pledge their solidarity on the Blue Day.

“On behalf of the President, I’d like to thank our amazing partisans for turning out today at the party’s campaign launching event for the senatorial bid of Hon. Thomas P. Fallah-T5. As always you have demonstrated commitment and consistency, and today you again made the Blue Tsunami possible. The aggressive and conscious reclamation agenda of Montserrado is effectively in full effect! The President remains grateful and beholden by your uncompromising, unbending, unwavering, and resolute support for your party!!! The people’s party!! Viva Viva CDC Viva!! Now, let’s go get those votes and make T5 our next senator for Montserrado!!!!” exclaimed Minister McGill.

If it is anything to go by, a clear signal has been sent that the ruling CDC is in the business of reclaiming Montserrado County, as their supporters and sympathizers massively thronged to the SKD Complex in Paynesville last Saturday where Liberia’s renowned musicians including Sundaygar Dearboy, Takun-J, Christoph the Change, among many others, serenaded the crowd.

National Port Authority (NPA) Director General Bill Twehway also left no stone unturned in soliciting the mandate of his co-workers to mobilize and reclaim Montserrado County.

“We have one big work for us to do,” Mr. Twehway said to his staff prior to commencement of the “BlueDay”, continuing that their work has to do with recapturing Montserrado.

“When I was on LU campus, we had one party called SUP. They used to say: all we know SUP must win. Even if SUP had a dog on the ticket, even if everybody said that person is a dog, the SUPPISTs will vote for the dog. That’s why from the time the party was founded, only once they sustained defeat. They’re always winning. They don’t see individuals; they see their party emblem. I was there, and I was against them. I was in one party called SIM. The ten years I stayed there; they beat us ten times. Even if you tell them this is a rogue, they will vote for that rogue. And even if you establish that the person is a rogue, they will say that person is our rogue, we will vote for our rogue. I want to tell you we have a task to recapture Montserrado. On Saturday, the kind of sign we will show will tell the whole world that Montserrado is coming back to us. So I expect you on Saturday. Turn up. It’s not only about you, but we are encouraging other people to turn up. We will start getting t-shirts from tomorrow. We’re not only getting t-shirts because we want to wear t-shirts. We’re getting the t-shirts so we can make sure that we get back our senatorial seat in Montserrado County. I know all you have started campaigning in your neighborhood,” NPA DG Twehway pleaded with his staff.