AML Turns over Metal Scraps to Bong -Korkoya District public school To Benefit from Proceeds

MONROVIA – ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) has turned over a huge deposit of valuable metal scrap materials to authorities of Bong County to be sold and proceeds used to renovate a public school in the Rock Crusher Community of Korkoya District.

After assessing the deposit of scrap metals and establishing its estimated monetary value, ArcelorMittal Liberia decided to turn over the 112 metric tons deposit which contains mostly old railway materials to the local authorities.

At the turnover ceremony recently, AML Community Liaison Officer Joseph Sloan told the local leaders and locals that the county authority and AML reached the agreement for the people of the district to benefit from the proceeds of the scrap metals, and that the company expects a transparent and accountable use of whatever is generated from the sale. 

According to Mr. Sloan, the consensus between AML and the Superintendent of Bong County was that the proceeds be used to renovate the school in Rock Crusher to provide better education facilities for young people in the area.

In the presence of the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, J. Cammue N Dormea, Paramount Chief Junior Tarr, Statutory District Commissioner Mary Quoinah, Statutory Superintendent Conteh Yallah, Clan Chief Sackie Quemini, and Chief Elder John Loway among others, Mr. Sloan charged the people to set up a committee that will coordinate the sale of the scraps and manage the proceeds for accountability and beneficial return, noting that AML will still follow up on it to know how the proceeds will address the targeted issue.

In a brief remark, Administrative Assistant Dormea acknowledged the mutual partnership between AML and the local authorities of Bong County, which according to him has yielded many benefits for the people.   

“The Superintendent asked me to tell you that whatever proceeds that will come from the sale of the scraps should be used for the intended purpose, and the purpose is to renovate the school here for the education of our children,” Dormea said.

Statutory Superintendent, Conteh Yallah, commended AML for handing over the scrap metals to the county authority of Bong and subsequently to the people of Korkoyah District after a period of negotiation with the company’s management. 

He also lauded the people of the district for protecting the scrap while the arrangement and negotiation were ongoing; assuring that after the sale, AML and the county authorities will be invited to the dedication ceremony of the project for which the proceeds are intended to address. 

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