AML Partnering With ERM -To Improve Mining, Environmental Compliance

MONROVIA:  ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) is partnering with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), the world’s largest advisory firm focused on sustainability for the assessment of environmental conditions in ArcelorMittal’s mining communities and operational areas in Nimba and Grand Bassa counties.

When the assessment is concluded, ERM will guide ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) to ensure full compliance with environmental regulations,   An AML release said.

The partnership involves direct collaboration with AML’s Sustainability and External Relations (SER) department, which oversees the Environmental Section.

During the assessment, a team of environmental experts visited the township of Yekepa and discussed various environmental issues stemming from the company’s operations, including concerns related to the Yekepa sewage plant and others including mine blasting, waste disposal sites, the rail line, resettlement, and sediment dams aimed at preventing waterway pollution in mining areas.

Beageorge Cooper, a partner at ERM, highlighted that their involvement with AML reflects the company’s expansion plans, particularly moving toward Phase II.

Cooper emphasized the importance of building public confidence by ensuring local and international environmental standards compliance.

ArcelorMittal’s decision to engage ERM for a one-year assessment of its environmental, social, and governance performance underscores is based on its commitment to enhancing sustainability practices and acknowledged potential community concerns regarding ERM’s involvement with AML, pledging to work closely with the Community Relations Section to engage communities effectively.

She stressed the significance of transparent communication in fostering trust and cooperation with residents.

The partnership between ArcelorMittal and ERM, the company believes, is a proactive approach to addressing challenges associated with Phase II expansion and demonstrates its readiness to operate by mining sector regulations and standards.

In Liberia, AML is noted for upholding straight environment and safety policies which are non-negotiable in all its work places, the release concluded.

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