AML Observes IWD with Inspiration & Action Led by VP Koung’s Wife

MONROVIA: In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, 2024, women across the globe joined hands to amplify their voices and drive meaningful social change.

Among them, the women of ArcelorMittal Liberia, under the leadership and guidance of the Vice President’s wife, stood tall in solidarity with all women and girls throughout Liberia.

In collaboration with the United Women Union of Liberia, the women of ArcelorMittal embarked on a mission under the overarching theme of “Empower her, empower all,”.

This theme aligns with the company’s 2024 IWD theme, “Inspire Inclusion in the Workplace”, an endeavor that extends far beyond mere celebration to create tangible impacts and foster greater gender quality and empowerment in a country largely dominated by males across all sectors.

Accordingly, on Thursday, March 21, 2024, the dedicated women of ArcelorMittal, led by Vice    Jeremiah Koung’s wife- Synleseh Stephanie Dahn-Koung, ventured into local communities, reaching out to eight high schools in Yekepa and Buchanan.

Their goal was clear: to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of Liberian women leaders.

Students from various schools took center stage, addressing pertinent issues such as family planning, teenage pregnancy, and personal hygiene.

Representatives from the four participating schools in Buchanan, St. Peter Clever High, Bassa High, New Testament Baptist, and SDA High School, as well as students of Bishop Caroll High School, Unification Town, Eld Williams, and ArcelorMittal High School in Yekepa, made presentations and discussed issues relevant to teenage girls.

Their presentations were not just informative but also challenged stereotypes, proving that women and girls are more than capable.

Experienced women from ArcelorMittal and the National Women Union of Liberia shared their insights, offering guidance on overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities for personal growth and development.

Atty. Bendu Parker Lewis, AML Business Partner for Buchanan, emphasized the importance of education and self-development for a brighter future.

Among the standout speakers were Favour Excell Talmon, Marion K. Daminah, Angeline Nyanforh, and Joyce Y. Lormie, whose eloquent delivery and confidence left a far-reaching impression on the audience.

Second Lady of the Republic of Liberia, Madam Synleseh Stephenie Dahn Koung delivered the keynote address at the Buchanan event, emphasizing the need to address prevalent issues affecting women in Liberia, including domestic violence, rape, early marriage, and teenage pregnancy, among others.

She called for urgent action to tackle these challenges and urged for collective efforts to empower women and ensure fairness in opportunities.

Also speaking at the event, the senior AML management team members thanked the Second Lady and added to her calls for more protection and empowerment of women.

ArcelorMittal Liberia Phase II Project Director, Pierre Doye, and AML Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Taylor, both reiterated the business’ commitment to advancing women’s empowerment by increasing the number of women in the workforce and providing opportunities to increase the number of women in technical leadership, as well as middle and senior-level management positions.

In Yekepa, Mrs. Torsialo Tee Nimley, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, delivered the keynote address on the topic, “Breaking barriers” in the workplace. Mrs. Nimley specifically emphasized that women should pursue their dreams amid challenges, network, avoid discrimination, be passionate, and be resilient.

The symposium didn’t just end with words as practical support was extended to the students in the form of personal and menstrual hygiene materials, ensuring that their journey towards empowerment is aided every step of the way.

As the sun set on that eventful day, it was evident that the Vice President’s wife and the women of ArcelorMittal Liberia had not only celebrated International Women’s Month but had also ignited a spark of empowerment that would continue to shine brightly in the hearts and minds of future generations.

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