Amin Modad Ready for UP Chairman -Despite “Discriminatory Jibes, Bigotry…”

Within a few weeks, the former ruling Unity Party is expected to be heading for an extraordinary convention to determine the next National Chairman and other corps of officers that will join colleagues from the Liberty Party, the All Liberian Party and the Alternative National Congress to steer the affairs of the new Collaboration of Political Parties. Hot on the list of hopefuls for the Unity Party chairmanship is businessman Amin Modad, CEO of the MI Group, a 100% Liberian-owned hospitality, real estate development and food production conglomerate. But since throwing in his hat for the UP chairmanship, Mr. Modad seems to be facing an uphill battle from those he considered “detractors” that he says are hellbent on indulging in gutter politics aimed at sidetracking the debate for the next replacement of ousted Chairman Wilmot Paye, as The Analyst has gathered.

It can be recalled, the Internet was recently flooded with retorts from certain quarters questioning the nationality of Mr. Amin Modad, while insinuating that he has been bankrolling Senator Abraham Darius Dillon’s reelection bid for Monsterrado County during the upcoming special senatorial elections in December 2020.

In an apparent retort to these random jibes made against the backdrop of his declaration of intent to contest the UP chairmanship, Mr. Amin Modad took to social media during the course of the week to express his candid opinion.

“The few insults, discriminatory jibes, or demonstration of bigotry from few individuals who are themselves enslaved by prejudice and ignorance do not deter me in the least bit. Sadly, they are being used by those who fear my entrance into politics. To my detractors and the naysayers, I say bring it on. The gutter politics don’t move me,” a highly resolved Modad stated.

The businessman went on to say that, in fact, the jibes from detractors make him more determined and focused on winning the UP Chairmanship and implementing his vision for dynamic change.

“Perhaps, my entrance into politics will bring forth the public discourse on some of these vices that inhibit real national unity and our common purpose to prosper as a people despite all of the opportunities and resources we have,” Mr. Modad averred.

Public Reactions

In the wake of Mr. Modad’s reaction to aforementioned jibes and discriminatory retorts, Liberians from all walks of life have rallied around the businessman, demanding him to “soldier on” and not be distracted by the “noise” from detractors.

“Wish you success brother. This is a real political appearance. Believe in that quote and let it be your weapon to conquer your enemies,” remarked one ardent admirer of Modad.

“I wish the team to facilitate the process of electing the chairman of the highly divided Unity Party could understand that not only your independent thinking but your results-driven trait is an advantage to uniting the part; otherwise, this is the best opportunity the party has to effect change,” said another supporter of the UP chairman-hopeful.

“You are an asset to the party, that’s why the detractions. That’s why you’re being ostracized. Guess what? They fear you, that’s why they talk about you. Follow your dream and deliver with integrity and transparency. All other things will be added onto you,” stated another enthused supporter.

In apparent response to the many positive commentaries made about his retort to his detractors, Mr. Modad closed on a positive note.

“The many positive and encouraging counter-posts fuel my determination and tell me that good still exists. This quote from Nelson Mandela puts it into perspective for me… “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Amin Modad is married with children, a Liberian national and a graduate of the University of Liberia. He once served as Liberia’s representative to the World Trade Organization, headed the multi-donor funded Enhanced Integrated Framework Program in Liberia, and was senior policy advisor to the government of Liberia on trade and investment.

Mr. Modad has been an ardent supporter of the Unity Party, working behind the scenes to make things happen. Many see Modad as a breath of fresh air from the humdrum political castaways that bedevil the Unity Party’s sordid past. His entry into political limelight, it is widely believed, could endear the Unity Party to a new cadre of voters and strengthen the position of the proposed Collaboration of Political Parties.

If all goes according to plan, Mr. Amin Modad will be running shoulder to shoulder for the UP chairmanship against Senator Conmany Wesseh, former legislator Worlea-Saywah Dunah and former National Investment Commission Executive Director George G. Wisner, II.

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