AMI Group Exercises Its CSR -Contributes to Scholarships, Donates To Hospitals, Prison

MONROVIA – As part of the company’s core value of exercising its corporate social responsibility (CSR), the AMI Group of Companies in Liberia through its charitable arm made huge intervention in the education sector by contributing USD200k towards scholarships of Liberian students in higher institutions of learn through the Ministry of Education and the National Commission for Higher Education (NCHE) as well as to prisons and health centers in three counties with 400 bags of rice worth USD10k

According to a press release issued by the business entity, the donations were made in Monrovia through its Managing Director, Mr. Trokon Lawrence Banwreh who stated that the intent of the scholarship offer was to ensure that the students succeed in their studies.

 “We are happy to donate this amount to help Liberian students, especially the brilliant and underprivileged ones who are determined to move forward, AMI is always willing to promote education,” he said.

AMI Education, which is one of the Divisions of the AMI Group of Companies is one of the leading service providers for abroad study for students aspiring for international degree, those with interest in migrating to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, or Australia as well as those with interest in working abroad, investing abroad, or visiting their dream destination. Though we charge a fee for our services, our fundamental goal is to transform lives and improve Africa,’ he further said!

The donation was accepted on behalf of the two government institutions by Professor Edward Lama Wonkenyor, Director General of the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) Liberia. He stated that the funds would be utilized as intended. NCHE will receive US$100,000, with the Ministry of Education receiving the remainder. Additionally, Professor Wonkenyor disclosed that a method for distributing the funds to deserving students is being developed.

“We have contacted the presidents of various government-owned universities and we are going to work with them to set up a program to attract smart students to benefit,” he disclosed.

He did, however, point out that the AMI Group of Companies, which is based in South Africa, and the Liberian government through the NCHE will collaborate on a program that will enable Liberian students to attend universities in South Africa.

The bags of rice were donated to the Monrovia Central Prison, Sonniiwin Health center, Clara Town Health Center, Cora Medical Clinic in New Kru, West Point Township Public School and Clinic, and the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital.

As they acknowledge the recent rice shortage in the Liberian market, the AMI Foundation initiative is working with the Monrovia City Government. Due to the severe shortage, Liberians recently stood in long lines to purchase rice from the market. The government was slammed by many Liberians at home and abroad for this.

The donation of over 400 bags of 25Kg of rice, which started on Friday, November 25, 2022, covered Monrovia, for which, one hundred bags of 25kg rice were donated to inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison, while Sonniiwin Health center received thirty bags, Clara Town Health Center twenty-five bags, Cora Medical Clinic in New Kru town fifty bags, West Point Township Public School, and Clinic fifty-seven bags and Liberia biggest government hospital the John F. Kennedy Hospital sixty bags respectively.

Speaking at the presentation Mr. Banwreh said the charity initiative is part of the Institution’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).”

“At the AMI Foundation, we take great pride in giving back to the community and we are always looking for new and innovative ways of making a difference in the places we operate. We endeavored and continue to venture into driving growth and social development in Africa. We believe it is our responsibility to be actively involved and we welcome any requests for grants, donations, or funding”. Banwreh said.

In response, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee noted that the gesture for AMI Foundation is welcoming especially in this difficult economic situation in Liberia.

”I was moved and touched by the AMI Group of Companies, through the AMI Foundation, a company that operates in Monrovia and in other countries around the world to have to give back to society most particularly the needy. Not too often, do we see companies operating within our City, Monrovia that will do these things, but I am grateful to the AMI foundation for the gesture” Mayor noted.

Mayor Koijee however used the occasion to call on other institutions or companies to follow the example of the AMI Group of Companies in reaching out to the neediest in society.

In remarks, Assistant Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Justice, Eddie Tarawali commended the foundation noting that it came as a surprise.

“I would like to firstly extend my gratitude to the Almighty God and the Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Tamba Koijee for the great work he has been doing for his people in Liberia and the Foundation for the gesture made to the prison compound. I am indeed grateful” Minister Tarawali said.

Minister Tarawali maintained that the Monrovia Central Prison has over one thousand five hundred inmates as such there is a need for support in buttressing the government. He however promised the AMI foundation in partnership with the Monrovia city government that the rice will be used for the intended purpose.

Receiving the donation at various hospitals, Health centers, and a Public School in Monrovia, the beneficiaries lauded the AMI Foundation for the donation describing it as timely.

For his part, the Officer in Charge at the Cora Medical Clinic in New Kru town A. Slewon Bestman praised the AMI Group of Companies for identifying with them.

” It is not the amount but thought so we say a very big thank you. I am so happy to have been chosen among many clinics in this area and for recognizing our work. Let God bless you and let your work be multiplied” Mr. Bestman said happily.

At the John F. Kennedy Hospital, the Administration treasured the donation and said it was timely.

“Wow! This came at a time when we were already discussing how to get rice because all of our rice had finished. We are so happy about this donation. it came in time” The John F. Kennedy Administration noted.

The day-long event was closely followed by Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, Assistant Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Justice, and members of AMI Foundation in Liberia. Meanwhile, the Foundation in partnership with the Monrovia City government continued the donation on Saturday, November 26, 2022 when they visited Bomi and Margibi and donated the remaining bags of rice.

The AMI Group of Companies is a holding company that wants to be the largest and most profitable conglomerate in Africa. It operates out of 23 offices in 15 countries, including Liberia. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the AMI Group of Companies gives back to society through the AMI Foundation. The AMI Foundation annually distributes generous grants and donations as a means of bringing about long-term social change.

The AMI Foundation, the charitable arm of the AMI Group of Companies, did not suggest a use for the funds, but they hoped that students would directly benefit from the fund.

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