AMEZU Denies Lartey’s Resignation -Says He Enjoys Board’s Full Confidence

MONROVIA – Amid media reports last week that the Acting President of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University, Dr. Benjamin Dorme Lartey has tendered in his letter of resignation, the Board of Trustees and Administration of the institution has denied that he ever did, stressing that the information is “false and diabolical and is intended to undermine him and the administration.

“The Board of Trustees and Administration of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University wish to inform all Partners, Students, Employees, and the general public, that information being circulated about the resignation of Dr. Benjamin Dorme Lartey, President of the University is false and diabolical and is intended to undermine him and the University.

“This is to inform the public that Dr. Benjamin Dorme Lartey Enjoys the full confidence of the Board and is at work.

“Any further circulation/dissemination by individuals, institutions and the media of such false and diabolical news, and failure to withdraw existing publications will leave the University with no alternative but to commence punitive legal action”, the statement from AMEZU signed by Mr. R. Kofa Kloh, Vice President for Administration said.

It was reported in the media last week that Dr. Lartey resigned his portfolio as the result of the new regulation from National Commission for Higher Education (NCHE) which restricts only PhD holders to head universities and colleges in Liberia, a decision that was overruled by the Minister of Education, Mr. D. Ansu Sonii, who also doubles as Chairman of the Board of NCHE.

“This is to inform all heads of higher education institutions in Liberia that one of the overarching policy expectations of the NCHE is that all Presidents and Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs (VPAA’s) of Universities and Colleges operating in Liberia must possess a doctorate degree from an accredited university and /or colleges.

“An honorary degree holder is disallowed to serve as President or Vice President for Academic Affairs at any higher education institutions within the Republic of Liberia”, a press statement from NCHE signed and approved by G. Melvin Taydor, Acting Public Relations Officer and Prof. Edward Lama Wonkeryor, Director General stated.

“Good Morning Colleagues. This Circular is to nullify the earlier circular from the Secretariat of NCHE regarding the Heads of Universities and Colleges. 

“The decision of the Secretariat to request the resignation of Presidents of Universities with immediate effect for whatever reasons, however justified, should first be shared with the Board of Commissioners. 

“While we intend to correct the missteps of the same Secretariat, who did the due diligence in time past, and recommended institutions for accreditation, and thereupon, granted such permits, cannot undo its own action with immediate effect with no consideration for the impact of such decision in the ongoing system. 

“However authoritative the Board itself may be, an action of this sort could be grossly disruptive without reasonable notification and should be done with further due diligence.

“For this reason, I, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, having considered the ramifications of this action do hereby, place a hold on its effectiveness indefinitely, until the matter shall have been referred to the Board by the Secretariat”, Mr. Sonii said.

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