Alex Williams Vindicates Mayor Koijee -Says Monrovia City Mayor is Like a “Father”

MONROVIA: The adage that says ‘anything done in the dark will one day come to light’ has been openly manifested in the case of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee who, among many things, was continuously vilified by his critics for allegedly plotting to kill his perceived enemies. But the tide has now changed in Mayor Koijee’s favor as one his avowed accusers in person of former LISGIS Director Alex Williams has on his volition apologized, saying he regrets vilifying Koijee who is a like a father figure  that helped to shape his life and made him to become successful.

“I regret the conversation I had with Thomas Garwo regarding Jefferson T. Koijee because when I left Liberia, I promised Koijee never to discuss him. Many asked me about Koijee but I said nothing until Garwo.

“Whether he did me wrong or not, I don’t want to forget the many good things he did for me. Koijee is one of the major reasons I am who I am today and so I want to again publicly use this medium to apologize to him. My father is dead but I see Koijee more like a father to me. You all may not understand but I am convinced that I should have never discussed anything about him, whether factual or not,” Williams posted recently on his social media page.

Williams’ confession comes in the wake of recent accusations mounted by Cllr. Jerome Verdier and others, insinuating that Mayor Koijee was the kingpin in the murder of Charloe Musu through his alleged assassin Varlee Telleh. Williams in particular had even alleged that Koijee wanted to eliminate him because he had exposed fraud at the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS).

It can be recalled following the accusations from Cllr. Verdier and other Liberians in the U.S. of Koijee’s alleged involvement in the murder of Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott’s daughter Charloe Musu in Virginia, Montserrado County through his agent Varlee Telleh, Monrovia City Police Director Thomas Garwo had travelled to the United States and exposed the true intent of Cllr Verdier’s accusations which would later point directly to accused criminal indictee Stanton Witherspoon as sponsor of the scheme to vilify officials of the Weah government for political gains.

Williams’ confession also comes in the wake of open rebuke from outgoing United States Ambassador to Liberia Michael McCarthy against Diaspora-based Liberian media outfits and politicians who he deemed unpatriotic for intentionally spreading falsehoods to taint the image of their own country for political gains.

“Today, I am ashamed to tell you that the most irresponsible controversies to emerge in Liberia’s media over the past month have originated from the United States. While responsible critical observations from the Liberian diaspora can be healthy, some cowardly media personalities and political figures have intentionally disseminated rumors or misinformation into Liberia’s political environment from the safety of their studios and offices in the U.S. These people are motivated by disruption and a desire to break down trust in Liberian institutions. They don’t care what damage they cause, and when questioned by law enforcement, they do not have evidence to back up their claims. Unfortunately, they take advantage of America’s first amendment rights to spread rumors and stir up trouble in your country, which is despicable behavior,” McCarthy had blasted at the time.

Public Reaction

The open confession from Williams seems to have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the public, who have been venting against what they see as a calculated attempt by the opposition community to put the Weah government against its development partners, particularly the United States of America.

“The US government needs to rein in people like Jerome Verdier, Alex Williams, Sheikh Sackor and others for lying on this young man. Those people were paid to lie on Koijee to divert attention from the Charloe Musu murder case and make Koijee look ugly in the eyes of the international community,” says Hanson Dugbe of Caldwell, Montserrado County.

“To seek asylum because of greener pastures is not a bad idea, especially for some of us who feel we couldn’t survive in such a bad economy. But to do so at the detriment of innocent people is just wicked. All those people who tried to bring Koijee down should pay for their sins. The American government needs to look seriously into this confession from Mr. Williams,” Sekou Kafumba Dukuly of Minnesota, USA maintains.

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  1. Jacob Doe says

    ”Whether he wronged me or not, whether it was factual or not.” And then you expect him not to realize that your so called apology IS ABSOLUTELY A CROCODILE TEARS APOLOGY???

    As was the case with Abrahman Darius Dillon caught IN HIS LIES ABOUT HIS AIRLINE TICKET, following HIS DENIAL , and then he was compelled to apologize, so is the case with you Alex Williams, that if you were not CAUGHT ON TAPE you would have never ever thought about your ”My father is dead, but I see Koijee more like a father to me”…ALL OF WHICH ARE CROCODILE TEARS DECEPTIONS.

    Mayor Koijee, we pray you never ever allow any pastor, bishop, or imam to deceive you into that crap they call ” to err is human, to forgive is divine”, when they are aware that there is a time for everything!

    This is the time to apply the holy counsel that ” when your right or left hand has become a threat, you cut it off! In short, if you ever let this SATANIC ALEX WILLIAMS ever come near you in whatever context of for whichever reason, do not be surprised to suffer THE FATE OF LOTS WIFE!!! DON’T LOOK BACK!!!

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