Alex Cummings Speaks -Diagnoses Problems of the Liberian

By: Rancy Teewia

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander B. Cummings says the solution of creating jobs lies with private sector initiatives and not over-burdening public sector payroll. He said the thousands of partisans and supporters added to the government workforce, which accordingly raised the wage bill in the public sector, is a serious mistake that is affecting the economy. The ANC leader further said the government should have focused on the creation of job opportunities through the private sector instead of putting everyone into the government.

He made the statement on the 50-50 Morning Show of the SKY FM on Tuesday August 27, in Monrovia.  The ANC Political Leader and Standard-bearer said governments around the world are not net employers, neither is the accounting for the absorbing most of the workforces.

He pointed out that governments around the world create enabling environments for opportunities for job creation, for employment of its citizens mainly through private sector employment initiatives.

Adding thousands of people to the government payroll, Mr. Cummings said, was a display of incompetence on the part of the government, asserting that it also shows lack of understanding on how to create jobs for the citizens.

Apparently, Mr. Cummings’ statement was in reference to the wide spread criticism that the government is delinquent in paying salaries of civil servants due to the flooding of partisans into the public sector. Critics have said that this flooding of the government has burdened the government payroll in an economy that is already stifled by insincerity, corruption and bad governance.

Upon taking of state power, the Coalition for Democratic Change has deployed its supporters and staunch partisans into the government at various line Ministries and public corporations thereby affecting the pay of those who are genuine workers and have gone through the formality of the civil service agency.

Commenting further on the economic doldrums of the country which is characterized  by inflation and saturated by corruption in public offices, Cummings indicated that a Millennium Challenge Corporation MCC studies has identify a primary constraint on Liberia, the first been electricity which is a problem to attracting businesses, especially manufacturers, saying that if Liberia needs industries in this country, the government will have to prioritize and pay attention to electricity that will even stimulate focus on micro businesses in the country.

If the President wants development of his country he should be able to make a sacrifice and forget about too much bluffing and boasting for his wearing; and if we wants to change Liberia, he and his team need to work diligently in finding solutions that can change the country, Mr. Cummings accentuated.

The ANC leaders said if you are not showing responsibility of managing your own money or resources, but rather spending it wastefully, no one will come to invest in your household, to help in finding solution to the problems, pointing out that no one will come and give more money if you continue to lavish the scarce resources available.

According to Cummings, the government has to explain how it is using the resources to its disposal, especially at a time there is no account to explain how the US$25m dollar that was infused in to the economy to mob up excess local liquidity.

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