Ailing Economy Deserves Austerity Measures -Liberian Prelate Implores Govt to Boggle Up

As the Liberian economy takes a downward trend with high inflation and cost of living worsening, a Liberian prelate, Rev. Adolphus B.B. Capehart has, called on the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government to institute radical economic measures to save the economy.

Speaking at a local intellectual center in Virginia outside Monrovia, Rev. Capehart said the CDC government must transition to a single currency regime if the current dire economic trend is to be reversed to give hope to the ordinary people.

Rev. Capehart said: “Let us not fool ourselves. A country with dual currency cannot balance its economy. The ordinary people transact in Liberia dollars while the big-shots have US dollars this is one major issue. There should be a single currency that runs across. Now is the time that we make the decision on what currency to use. We need to also properly regulate the money exchange bureaus around the country”.

He noted that some of the current problems the country is faced emanate from the Legislature.

“We have a group of legislators who are not properly doing their jobs,” he stressed further. “As direct representatives of the people, the legislators have the responsibility to take charge of critical matters which have bearings on national security and peace.”

Speaking further, Rev. Capehart said people who are dissatisfied with government must channel their grievances to legislators they elected.

“We need to start going to our lawmakers when we have concerns about national leadership. And our lawmakers too must ensure our petitions are advanced. This is one way we know those we elected are working on our behalf,” the Liberian prelate said.

Over the past years, he indicated, corruption has ruined Liberia.

He opined: “It is even evidenced during our electoral process when people are proudly moving people from one district to another. We expect that the National Elections Commission (NEC) to begin the process of sensitizing our people against this ugly act. Our election system is so easily infiltrated by aliens. And this is unacceptable.”

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