After 44 years Tolbert And Others To Get Proper Burial

MONROVIA: Forty-Four (44) years after, the remains of former President William R. Tolbert Jr and thirteen others government officials that were publicly executed at South Beach in Central Monrovia during the military coup on April 12, 1980, are expected to be given a befitting burial at the Baptist and Theological Seminary early in 2025

Making the disclosure during a Memorial Service on Monday April 22, 2024, Dr. Richard Tolbert, one of the children of the decease government’s officials, noted that on February 6 2024, the Board of the Liberia Baptist and Theological Seminary honored the family members request to exhumed the remains of former President R. Tolbert Jr. and thirteen government’s officials to be reburied at the Baptist Seminary in Paynesville City.

Dr. Richard Tolbert and others family members of the executed thirteen government officials loaded the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention the Board of the Liberia Baptist Seminary, permission has been granted us to relocate the remains of the late Dr. William R. Tolbert Jr, and all those buried at the Palm Growth Cemetery to be relocated at the Liberia Baptist Seminary in Paynesville.

According to him, the April 22 , Memorial group was established for the relocation committee that met with Dr. Momolu Massaquoi, President of the Baptist Seminar selected an appropriate  site at at the Seminary

Dr Richard V. Tolbert Revealed that family members of the decease government’s officials are now in the process of obtaining the necessary permits and proposal for the exhumation of the remains of the bodies in the Mass Grave on Center Street, were the remains of the thirteen government’s officials and former President William R. Tolbert were buried.

He noted that plans are underway between the children and family members of the disease government’s officials both home and abroad for a contraction of a new tomb at the Baptist Seminary that will lead for the Removal and reburial of them early next year

“Today, April 22, as always we are solemnly gathered here to honor the memories of our fathers the thirteen mostly Elderly Senior Government officials, including my father the late senator Frank E. Tolbert, who were brutally executed in cold blood just few yards from here, the South Beach behind the Barclay Training Center Military Barracks” Dr. Richard Tolbert is quoted as saying

He asserted the children and family members of the executed government officials are not gather at the Palm Growth Grave site not to mourn in bitterness, rather than to remember them in bounteousness, for in the immortal words of the poet Laurence Binyon

“They shall not grow old, as we grow old, age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we shall remember them”

According to Dr Richard Tolbert and family members gather at Center Street in central Monrovia, once again in the month of April to perform their painful but not necessarily duty as instructed in the Holy Book to “Honor our Fathers and our Mothers so that our days upon this earth may be long and bless

The children and family members of the executed government official during the coup on April 12, 1980, call on well-meaning Liberian, Baptist around the world and members of ECOWAS, Mano River Union states, and the African Union to help them achieve their dream

According to them former President William R. Tolbert , he was not only a President of  the Republic of Liberia but also served as president of the Baptist World Alliance , founding member ECOWAS, and Mano River Union, and past Chairman of the Organization of Africa Unity now AU.

Richard Tolbert spoke Monday during the 44 years memorial service of the thirteen government officials including former President William Tolbert that were killed during the military coup on April 12, 1980,

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