Africa Cybersecurity Alliance appoints Quaye -As National Focal Person

By: Matthew H. Turry

MONROVIA : The Africa Cybersecurity Alliance (ACA) has announced the appointment of Peterking Quaye, a Liberian journalist and communication specialist as its  National Focal Person for Liberia , a pivotal role responsible for driving the organization’s mission of advancing cybersecurity across the African continent and emphasized “Quaye’s exceptional expertise and dedication will undoubtedly propel our collective efforts and foster a more secure digital ecosystem”.

“With an unwavering commitment to collaboration and inclusivity, Africa Cybersecurity Alliance  recognizes the invaluable contributions that individuals like Peterking Quaye bring to the table. As our new National Focal Person for Liberia , Quaye’s unique skills and experience will further enhance our ongoing initiatives to combat the ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses, governments, and individuals in Africa”, part of the letter, dated May 15, 2023 sighted by The Analyst stated

The letter further stated that Mr.Quaye’s appointment reflects Africa Cybersecurity Alliance’s continued “”efforts to assemble a team of professionals who share our vision of a safe and secure digital environment in Africa. His impressive track record in the field of cybersecurity, coupled with his strong work ethic, positions him as an asset to both our organization and the wider community.

As the National Focal Person for Liberia, according to the letter,  Mr.Quaye will assume a central role in coordinating and aligning Africa Cybersecurity Alliance’s activities with national and regional stakeholders, including governments, regulatory bodies, educational institutions, and private sector organizations. His responsibilities will encompass developing strategic partnerships, leading capacity-building initiatives, and promoting awareness of cybersecurity best practices throughout the continent.

“Strengthening Africa’s Cybersecurity Landscape through Collaboration and Expertise, at Africa Cybersecurity Alliance, we believe in the power of collaboration and recognize that achieving meaningful impact requires a collective effort. As such, we encourage Peterking Quaye and all our team members to leverage the expertise and support available within the organization. Our team is renowned for its strong work ethic, willingness to assist one another, and dedication to the mission of fostering cybersecurity resilience in Africa.

“As the National Focal Person, Peterking Quaye’s role represents a unique opportunity to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the cybersecurity landscape of Africa. We have full confidence that his dedication and professionalism will exceed our expectations and lead to remarkable results in enhancing digital security across the continent”, the letter stated.

In an official letter a copy of which was sent to The Analyst and signed by the President Mr. Amadou A. Bah , he expressed his congratulation to Peterking Quaye, saying “we are excited to witness the transformative influence that Peterking Quaye will undoubtedly have in his new role. I know he will be leveraging his expertise, in collaboration with our diverse team”, he added.  He further said, “we are confident that together, we will establish a stronger cybersecurity framework that safeguards the digital infrastructure and empowers individuals and organizations to navigate the digital landscape securely”.

The Africa Cybersecurity Alliance (ACA) is a leading organization committed to driving cybersecurity resilience across Africa. ACA collaborates with governments, private sector entities, educational institutions, and civil society organizations to enhance cybersecurity capacity, raise awareness, and promote the adoption of best practices. By fostering collaboration and inclusivity, ACA aims to protect Africa’s digital ecosystem and empower individuals and organizations to mitigate cyber threats effectively.

ACA is a leading organization dedicated to promoting and strengthening cybersecurity across Africa. With your expertise and passion for cybersecurity awareness, Cyber Diplomacy, Digital rights etc, we believe that you will contribute significantly to our mission of fostering a secure digital environment in the region.

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