Adequate Security Is Govt’s Responsibility -Cummings; Wants Protesters Peaceful

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, reminded the government that providing adequate security for our people for the duration of the protest is not a personal choice. It is part of your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of our people and all others within our borders; ANC partisans and those of other collaborating parties to remain peaceful during the protest march.

“We re-emphasize our admonishment that the protest remains peaceful and within the confines of the constitution. We call on our partisans and all protestors to be vigilant of any provocation from the CDC ruling party and/or government supporters/sympathizers intended to cause violence,” the ANC’s political leader exclaimed.

In statement issued yesterday on the eve of the June 7 Protest, Mr. Cummings admonished his partisans, partisans of the other collaborating opposition parties and all citizens, who wish to exercise their constitutional right, to remain peaceful and act within the confines of the constitution.

Declaring his party’s support to the June 7 protest, the first partisan of the ANC reiterated support for the rights of citizens to protest and petition their government to address their needs, especially during these hard times.

“We recognize and acknowledge the immense hardship being faced by our people. As we speak today, the exchange rate is 197 LD to 1USD, up from 127 in Jan 2018 when this government took over the leadership of our country,” he said.

Consequently, Mr. Cummings said the prices of food and basic services have seen a drastic increase, significantly affecting the livelihood of our people. “The poor continue to get poorer under the Pro-Poor Agenda of this government,” asserted.

He pointed to what he called the “level of incompetence and broad daylight thievery“accompanied by a deliberate impunity, which he pointed out “is nothing like we have seen before in this country.”

The ANC leader maintained that in less than two years, President George Manneh Weah and his officials, while refusing to publish or declare their assets, have allegedly continue to amass unexplained wealth, build mansions, acquire valuable real properties, fly first class and private jets, all at the detriment of the suffering masses.

Hear Mr. Cummings: “Salaries people work for are no longer regularly paid and the value of the minimal salary has greatly decreased. Our integrity institutions like the GAC, LACC, PPCC, LEITI meant to fight graft have been underfunded and broken down by the clear disregard of their mandates, while the rule of law is threatened by interference in the Judicial System evidenced by the unconstitutional removal of a sitting Justice of our Supreme Court.”

He asserted that this singular act has threatened the independence of the Liberian Judiciary and instilled fear in other justices and judges, who no longer feel covered by their judicial immunity as provided for by the Constitution, adding “It has further eroded public trust in our Justice System.”

Those issues enumerated, he said, are real issues which affect the lives of every Liberian and as such, he commits the ANC to supporting the people’s will to protest and petition their government to address these issues under the guidance of the Council of Patriots.

But he consistently implored all protesters to avoid any provocation and refrain from retaliation to provocations. “We must maintain our peace, no matter how fragile, and show to the world that even in our hardship and suffering, we shall never forget what it took to get the peace we now enjoy. We implore you to be peaceful and lawful, as we must never compromise our peace.”

He accentuated that while it is believed that this government has failed to honor their part of the social contract they have with electorates, Liberians, including the protesters must commit to channeling their anger, frustrations and disappointments through the ballot box in subsequent elections.

A senatorial and District #15 Representatives by-elections for Montserrado County is pending for this year, while the midterm Senatorial Election is also slated for 2020.

Cummings said these are avenues to available to vent out the anger of the people against the CDC, while the 2023 presidential election provides an opportunity to voting them out in the Presidential election in 2023. This, Cummings said, is a sure and greatest way to show the people’s lack of confidence in the CDC’s ability to lead this country and improve the lives of Liberians.

According to him, the ANC remains committed to the collaboration of opposition political parties and strongly believes that in standing by their partisans, supporters and all citizens during this period, the ANC is acknowledging not only the anger and disappointment of the people, but also Liberian’s hopes and dreams for a better alternative.

He said the ANC will do all it can to present that alternative to the people in 2023, adding however, that for now, “… we stand with you and by you, as you prepare to petition your government to do what needs to be done to curtail your suffering and improve your lives.”

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