A Sweetheart’s Tribute -Fatu to Togba-Nah: ‘I Will Always Love and Care for You’

Perhaps the first progressive octogenarian, following years of bitter campaigners for freedom and justice, legendary Togba-Nah Tipoteh is submerged—and deservingly so—in the pool of flowery words and revolutionary salutations. For Liberians who are given to the sense of socioeconomic and political advocacies, the celebration of Dr. Tipoteh’s 80th birth anniversary provides a moment to recharge the fervor militancy and progressivism of yesteryears which appears extinct from the Liberian political mosaic. All because Dr. Tipoteh is a true embodiment of a long, tortuous struggle. But there is another side of the iconic gem, as he is labeled by his companions—something not too many people are aware of. That’s is the romantic and family side. And that side has also come up in full at the celebration. His dear wife, Fatu Tipoteh, has lifted a bundle of flowers in words, expressed in a catchy tribute. See below for the full text of Mrs Tipoteh’s Tribute to her Husband. 

 Fatu Tipoteh: Celebrating 80th birthday is a privilege from God Almighty.  I want to thank God for His special blessings upon my darling husband for keeping him strong and healthy all these years.

Nah, I want to let you know that I will always love and care for you.  I wish you many more celebrations.  Happy, Happy Birthday my Sweetheart!

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