A Paradigm shift for Liberia – As The Christian Community Stands To Benefit

The Way Center Ministries has concluded a five- day pastoral Leadership training conference for sixty participants from Bomi, Grand Bassa, Bong, Grand Cape Mount and Montserrado counties respectively. The conference was held at the New Hope Central Church in Barnesville and facilitated by a team of delegates from both Liberia and America.

Apostle Jeff  Redner and Pastor David Wilkerson, president and vice president from USA, The Way Center Ministries International Branch while Apostle David G. Snylder and Pastor Eric Roberts, Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director of TWC Ministries Liberia all spearheaded the Conference as representatives of the two countries.

The President Apostle Jeff Redner said, the conference was meant to raised awareness and build the capacity of pastors and church leaders, and to strengthen the institutional frameworks and coordination of churches for the implementation of various mission.

He said the outcomes of the training purely focused on the implementation of Educational projects, pastoral training and leadership development, Business establishment and summits, health and, education Projects. The outcome also focused on construction of Bible colleges, Rehabilitation Centers, and Child Welfare programs which is expected to touch the lives of every individual living in Liberia.

As part of the activities marking the conference, the international delegates toured some parts of rural Liberia including Grand Bassa County and met with Bishop M. Wolo Belle of the Bethel Cathedral of Hope, a branch of the Bethel World Outreach Ministries, and Hon. Solomon George of the House of Representative.

Thereafter ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a church, school, clinic and rehabilitation center in Careyburg District, Montserrado County on twenty acres of land, was climax.

The International President, Apostle Redner, cautioned all pastors and leaders to take ownership and responsibility of TWC’s vision in order to impact the nation, Liberia. He assured participants of the US team’s commitment to supporting the bold Kingdom building initiatives.

“We will be in the background, giving you all the support you need to impact your nation” he said and reiterated that Liberia has been brought to focus under the TWC agenda.

“We are here to stay and to support you in advancing this agenda, which is Building the Kingdom, Building the People and Building the nations.” He however indicated that unity is the key to making this happened”. He also said, “While we appreciate the missionary endeavors of our predecessors who came here as missionaries, we have come with a new approach that is not only aimed at preaching the Gospel, but also creating opportunities that are intended to empower our members, the church community and communities where these churches are located, and the nation as a whole thereby giving the church the influence and voice it deserves in Liberia”.

For his part the International Vice President Pastor David Wilkerson added his voice to the president in reminding all participants about the mission of TWC in the impartation of livelihood to Liberians, but said this is only achievable with the change of mindset. He added, “Your mindset has the ability to push you in front or push you behind, lift you up or pull you down” Pastor Wilkerson said.

The conference was climaxed with both thanksgiving and ordination services in Buchannan City, Grand Bassa and Montserrado Counties.

Meanwhile, the participants expressed delight and appreciation in The Way Center Ministries   for the impartation of knowledge, and promised to use said knowledge to influence others in their various churches and counties.

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