50 Doctors, Nurses to Combat Health Challenges -As PLP’s Mobile Clinic Gets In Operation Soon

Certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC) in December 2020, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) is making strides in contributing to the social-economic needs of the people through the instrumentality of its Vision Bearer Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, this time around unveiling and graduating about 50 medical doctors, nurses and pharmacists to provide healthcare delivery services to the less fortunate and vulnerable Liberians via the party’s mobile clinic.

Dr. Cassell, also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/President of the Dr. Cassell’s foundation and the Kwenyan Security Firm in Liberia, some time ago vowed to launch a mobile clinic to provide adequate healthcare delivery services.

The political leader of the party at the time said the mobile clinic would cater to visually impaired, physically challenged, old folks, deaf and dumb, less fortunate citizens, among others, who cannot afford to pay medical bills at various public and private hospitals and clinics in the country in the wake of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

The medical practitioners who are part of the PLP Mobile Medical Health Team were recently trained by authorities at the Ministry of Health and commissioned. They were officially presented licenses at a program held at the Headquarters of the PLP in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Speaking during the program, the Vision Bearer of the PLP, Dr. Cassell, described the event as “historic”. He noted that though he is considered as a new comer to the body politics of Liberia, he will continue to pave the way and do things that will benefit Liberia and its citizens, void of any political desire or interest.

He disclosed that the training of Liberians with various medical skills to run the PLP’s mobile clinic is a step which places Liberia and its citizens over any personal motive.

“I couldn’t have been at a better place this time and this moment as we continue to make headlines and history; and we are doing this together for our country and for our people. This is historic and you (graduates) should be proud of yourselves,” he advised.

According to him, “They say Dr. Cassell just coming and he should fall in line behind the recycled politicians who got us in this mess. But this new baby who is just coming has not stood good to start crawling and walking, and they are scare,” he teased the his critics.

Dr. Cassell pointed out that the fear which has gripped his critics and political opponents is due to his unbending and uncompromised commitment towards “changing the mindset and improving the lives” of the Liberian people.

He noted that he will not be mute on speaking the truth to ensure that Liberia and its citizens benefit their adequate share of the country’s wealth and resources, emphasizing that gone are the days where Liberian politicians abused the people to satisfy their personal aggrandizement.

Accordingly, the PLP political leader said he remains fully committed towards providing the necessary education and empowerment opportunities to citizens; maintained that the PLP remains steadfast and committed towards prioritizing the interest of the Liberia and its citizens over any elite groups, tribe, political party, or religion.

Plea to patriotic Liberians

He stressed that the PLP also remains open to all patriotic and nationalistic Liberians who put the interest of their country first above all. “To be a part of this liberation train, you have to be patriotic and that’s why I am always inviting patriotic Liberians to come on board. You have to be nationalistic by putting our people and our country first over special interest groups, elite groups, cliques, and tribes,” he added.

Dr. Cassell maintained that the elevation or prioritizing of a special interest groups, political party, or elite group over the interest of Liberia and its citizens remains a cancerous problem confronting the nation and its people.

He caution Liberian politicians to be cognizant of the fact that those who elected them are the ones responsible to guarantee their stay or exit from public service, saying that the interest of the citizens should be prioritized above all at all times.

“I call myself Head Servant because as a Vision Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party, I am here to serve and a true public servant is one who serves proficiently in meeting the needs of the people and the country”.

But on the contrary, Dr. Cassell pointed out that most public servants in present day Liberia are only bent on prioritizing or satisfying the interest of their families, elite friends and special interest groups.

Rich in talents

The PLP leader further observed that Liberia remains a nation that is rich in talents, but the lack of adequate support to enable citizens, especially young people showcase their talents is a challenge in the post-conflict nation.

He blamed the situation on the lack of a better and inspirational leadership that will place keen interest on promoting young talented Liberians who continue to battle against extreme poverty and hardship due to the lack of investment opportunities to guarantee prospects for jobs in Liberia.

“We have no shortage of talents in our country; all that we need is the support and the right leadership,” he concluded.

Also speaking, the Coordinator of the PLP Mobile Clinic Service, Mr. Nicholas Koffa, commended Dr. Cassell for the support and steps taken to ensure the formation and training of the team.

He urged citizens to reflect and have in minds that gone are the days where politicians will come and distribute t-shirts, rice and use young people to chant battle cries behind them in exchange of their votes during electioneering period.

The PLP’s Coordinator for its Mobile Clinic Service noted that it is against this backdrop that the PLP has taken a step in the right direction to impact knowledge into citizens to ensure the provision of better healthcare services to less fortunate Liberians.

Mr. Koffa further expressed the hope that the new initiative will buttress government’s efforts in providing healthcare delivery services to Liberians and others residing in the country, noting “I was given the mandate to train people for the PLP Mobile Team to safe lives across Liberia. Given the necessary moral and financial support, we were able to train about 50 qualified, professional and licensed doctors, physician assistants and nurses”.

He clarified that in keeping with the vision of the party’s political leader; those trained and licensed to form part of the medical team of the party are from diverse political and ethnic backgrounds, adding that they are competent and qualified to carry out their assigned tasks and responsibilities in keeping with the professional ethics of the medical profession.

“At this moment, Dr. Cassell is saying that he cannot lead sick before, but he’s prepared to lead healthy people because, when you are healthy you have a sound mind. The brain behind this success is Dr. Cassell. This tells you that the leadership needed to emancipate the suffering people of Liberia has come”.

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