40,000 Civil Servants Face Uncertainties -As CSA cleans up payrolls

MONROVIA: As the Civil Service Agency continues to scrutinize and clean up the payroll of individuals in the employ of government, the fate of 40,000 civil servants are said to be hanging in the balance as their statuses are said not to have been regularized from 2019 to 2023 and that the proper processing of the Personnel Action Notices (PAN) has not been adhered to.

According to a circular issued by the CSA and signed by the Director General, Josiah F. Joekai, a copy of which is in possession of The Analyst, giving the seriousness of the subject matter, the CSA said it was requesting all Heads of GoL Spending Entities with government employees who were added on the payroll during the period of July 2019 to December 2023, “and whose status has not been regularized by the Civil Service Agency should work with their respective Human Resource Directors to proceed to the Civil Service Agency and have their Personnel Action Notices (PAN) properly processed within a grace period of ninety (90) days, beginning April 2 to June 30, 2024”.

“All Human Resource Directors concerned are to take note and provide the required documentation to prevent employees affected by this situation from being deleted from the GOL Payroll.

“If you have any questions or concerns regarding the PAN process, please contact your assigned Civil Service Agency Analyst at the CSA”, the circular said.

Meanwhile in another circular dated the same day, April 1, 2024 which announced the lifting of freeze on direct replacement, the management said as you may recalled that  on 16th February 2024, the Civil Service Agency, under the direction of Mr. Alfred Drosaye, then Officer-in-Charge, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, placed a temporary freeze on select human resource operations. It said this measure was necessary to maintain order in how spending entities move staff around especially, during the period in which most entities were yet controlled by officers-in-charge.

“We will not lift the entire freeze. Today, we are lifting the freeze ONLY FOR DIRECT REPLACEMENT. The freeze on new hire and transfer will be lifted after the Payroll Compliance Audit to be shortly conducted by the General Auditing Commission (GAC). The Civil Service Agency has reached this decision because a significant percentage of GoL Spending Entities has been staffed with the appropriate statutory heads”, the circular said.

The circular further stated that the CSA was emphatically reminding all heads of spending entities that in reference to Chapters 3 & 4 of the Standing Orders for the Civil Service, 2012, some of the human resource movements such as intra and inter agency transfers, promotions and demotions, direct replacements and change of employee’s payroll account details .

“With the exception of the last bullet point listed supra, all human resource actions must duly be processed using the appropriate Personnel Action Notices (PAN) as required by Section 35 of the Civil Service Revised Human Resource Policy Manual of September 2014.

“Thank you for your support and cooperation as we strive to implement the “ARREST Agenda” for the benefit of the government and people of Liberia”, the release concluded.

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