LIBERIANS, Be Warned! Terrible Things We Have Seen Are Showing Face Again!!

By Abe Darius Dillon

I am hearing about and feeling the growing poor relations between Pres. George Weah and Vice Pres. Jewel Howard-Taylor. I am hearing folks poisoning the mind of Pres. Weah against his Vice President by accusing her of harbouring “2023 Presidential Ambitions.” This is reportedly causing growing uneasiness between Pres. Weah and Vice Pres. Howard-Taylor. I see people fuelling this division. They need to stop. Hayaka!!!

  1. Sour relationship between Head of State Samuel K. Doe and Vice Head of State Thomas Weh Sehn based on poisoned news and gossips resulted to public execution of Weh Sehn and few other Members of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) Government of Liberia.
  2. Sour relationship between CIC Samuel K. Doe and Army Commanding General Thomas G. Quiwonkpa based on poisoned news and gossips caused Doe to transfer Quiwonkpa from the Army to a civilian position in govt. Quiwonkpa declined the transfer and resigned from the PRC govt and settled back home in Nimba County. This escalated the already sour relationship between the two and led largely to the infamous “Nimba Raid” of 1983 that saw the slaughter of innocent women and children of Nimba County by soldiers loyal to CIC Doe. Quiwonkpa had to flee Liberia. He later returned in 1985 to overthrow and get rid of Doe. The attempt was aborted and Quiwonkpa was unfortunately killed. As a result, hundreds of innocent Liberians and other foreign residents lost their lives and the country suffered badly.
  3. Sour relations between Pres. Charles Taylor and Vice Pres. Moses Blah based on poisoned news and gossips caused Taylor to place Blah “under house arrest” for two week and subsequently led to the killing of John Yormie and Isaac Vaye.
  4. Sour relations between Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and House Speaker Edwin Snowe based on poisoned news and gossips almost plunged this country into constitutional crisis. Said sour relationship subsequently led to the resignation of Snowe as Speaker and has since killed the independence of the Legislature.
  5. Sour relations between Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice Pres. Joseph N. Boakai led to her not supporting his bid for President in 2017. The result is publicly known and hurting relations between Ellen and Joe and their respective supporters up to this date.

I brought up these historical facts to warn about the growing insecurity and dire consequences of these terrible things. Innocent people get killed, the country gets destroyed and leaves bitterness and hatred amongst our people. Investors do not get encouraged to come to any country where insecurity and instability abound; and this has gross negative impact on the economy. Those fuelling the sour relations between Pres. Weah and Vice Pres. Howard-Taylor need to stop, and stop now. They are hurting this country!!


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