25 River Gee Lawyers Fined -For Failing to Attend Opening of May 2023 Term of Court

MONROVIA – The Assigned Circuit Judge of the 15th Judicial Circuit Court of River Gee County, Judge Wesseh A. Wesseh, has fined 25 members of the River Gee Bar Association for failing to attend the opening of the May A.D. 2023 Term of Court in Fish Town on May 8, 2023.

Judge Wesseh informed this paper that drastic action will be instituted against any member of the River Gee Bar Association who failed to pay within 72 hours the stipulated fine of US$50 into the Judiciary account.

Prominent River Gee lawyers fined by Judge Wesseh include Atty. Saymae B. Saoh, Atty. Opayus K. William, Atty. Isaac B. Nymley, Atty. Philip G. Sneh, Atty. Anthony Pour, and Cllr. Dempster Brown.

Others include Cllr. Sayma Cyrenius Cephus, Cllr. Negbalee Warner, Cllr. Dennis S. Sokan, Cllr. Isaac C. George, Jr., Cllr. T. Joseph Debleh, Cllr. Rodney Kouo, Cllr. Rosette N. Baikpah, Cllr. Able Knight, Cllr. Charles Harris, Atty. Jeffrey T. George, Atty. Oretha G. Dioh, Atty. Kumkumyoung Wleh Teh, Atty. Andrew B. Jay and Atty. Urias Pour.

It can be recalled, Judge Wesseh was in April of this year appointed by President Weah as Relieving Circuit Judge and was recently assigned to preside over the 15th Judicial Circuit Court of River Gee County.

Cllr. Wesseh graduated in May 2011, with an LLB degree from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia. He also holds an LLM Degree in Transnational Criminal Justice from the United Nations Interregional Crimes and Justice Institute (UNIRCI), based in Turin, Italy in July 2021.

As an experienced prosecutor, Cllr. Wesseh has previously worked at the Liberian Senate, as a staff for some 13 years, and has also worked for 11 years at the Ministry of Justice, since he graduated from the law school in May 2012.

He first served as Legal Counsel, assigned to Criminal Courts A and D; and was then appointed County Attorney for River Gee in November 2012.

During the period, he was reassigned to Grand Bassa County, as County Attorney in 2016 for two terms of courts between May to August 2016, before his appointment as Assistant Minister for Litigation, by President Weah in March 2018.

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