Scorecards Remain Unchanged -Dan Saryee; Says Govt Speaks Lip-service Theory


“For too long Liberian politicians have shielded themselves in hypocritical foil, mischief and the spewing of false promises to secure the support of poor voters. We did this in successive elections but did nothing tangible to change the lives of our people. Our scorecards for the majority of Liberians remain unchanged.”

These were word from the lips of the National Chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Mr. Dan Saryee when he spoke over the weekend In New Kru Town at the 2nd Convention of the Rainbow Alliance, a grassroots opposition political bloc second to the Collaborating Political parties (CPP).

Mr. Saryee, a onetime Deputy Managing Director of the Liberia Water & Sewage Corporation   (LWSC) under the CDC-led government furthered that the lives of the people have not changed from extreme poverty, hunger, underdevelopment, corruption, poor education and healthcare system, broken judiciary and the rest.

“It is time to reverse this trajectory on the basis of track records and track records in Liberia and not on the basis of being humble; or on what multinational corporation you have worked for and neither should it be on how many trophies won on the soccer field.”, he said

Saryee asserted the truth to be that there has been leadership letdown, and thanked Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, the founding Standard Bearer and ideologue of the ‘insurmountable’ Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) for ushering him in mainstream politics.

“On behalf of me, my wife and family, I salute you. Let me also thank you my colleagues and fellow Orange Revolutionary soldiers for your bravery, confidence and trust you have reposed in me as at this moment. You stood by me in my decision to quit a regime that has become self-serving, speaks of being a grassroot on the lips but does nothing tangible to change the condition of poor people.”

Speaking about a major political responsibilities that he’s being entrusted with, noting that in 2003, he was entrusted with serving as Technical Committee chair to oversee the formation of the Gyude Bryant interim Government.

“With YAHWEH above, we did this successfully and we have no doubt that you will support us to work with likeminded political actors such as my comrades in the Rainbow Alliance in reversing the rapid decadence of our politics and the livelihood of the Liberian people for the better,” he noted with applause.

MOVEE, he averred, was founded on the philosophy of driving growth through the empowerment of people and institutions to achieve national growth and sustainable development, and added that the party does not jab with the erection of isolated projects that do not interwove with the personal development of those for whom the projects are intended.

“The party draws its strength from ordinary Liberians who believe that it is time for change if Liberia is to reclaim its promise: to be a land of hope, opportunity, unity, and prosperity.  After one hundred and seventy four years as an independent nation, the vibrant and heroic words of our National Anthem ring hallow against the reality of underdevelopment, widespread poverty, illiteracy, disunity and social disaffection,” he furthered.

Mr. Saryee indicated that this is not what Liberia was meant to be, saying that the main problem over the years has been a leadership letdown manifested in shortsightedness, greed, incompetence and the failure to see Liberians as one people bound by the chain of a common destiny.

“Liberia’s origin was rooted in a spirit of exceptionalism. We have all that it needs in natural wealth to live decently and in happiness. Unfortunately, we have not lived up to our potential”, he exclaimed, accentuating, “MOVEE says that regaining Liberia’s place as an exceptional country is possible.  This message underlies our motto: “POVERTY IS NOT OUR DESTINY.” Our party offers a new approach to politics and governance.  Liberia must be a big tent that provides shelter for all Liberians, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, or socio-economic status.”

He believes that the welfare of every Liberian must come first in the eyes of the government of Liberia; that there should be unequivocal assurance that the judiciary is the guarantor of our constitutional rights; that the economy must work to lift Liberians out of poverty and support mobility to ever-rising social and economic status.

He said this is why he says in the words of our founding Political Leader “that the economic empowerment of Liberians is an idea whose time has come” and jobs that Liberians can do will be done by Liberians, while steps are taken to build skills of the citizens; that merit is rewarded; and that peace and stability becomes the building blocks for an inclusive social order.

In short, he explained that MOVEE is committed to a philosophy that says every Liberian must feel entitled to a stake in Liberia, which includes benefiting from all that Liberia has to offer, and should wake up every day no matter what political orientation knowing that with hard work and by playing by the rules of courteousness he/she has a seat at the Liberian table as a member for the Liberian family.

He said MOVEE is a party that looks to the future with hope.  “With such a youthful population, we must have policies and strategies that present Liberia as a land of possibilities. The young people of Liberia deserve nothing less, and the era of excuses is over,” he noted.

Urging Liberians to think big, Mr. Saryee said only by thinking big, will Liberians will not be satisfied with small unstainable steps.  Therefore, the party sees the 2023 election as an opportunity for the Liberian people to come together to take bold steps towards a new Liberia, committing to a new political paradigm: LIBERIA A BURDEN TO NONE BUT A COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY TO ALL, which he said is a recipe for unity; a recipe for inclusive economic growth; a recipe for transformative change; a recipe for the people of Liberia to move forward together as a people who know who they are.

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