Paralyzed!!! -Sen. Teahjay Describes Legislature


By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

Sinoe County’s Senator, J. Milton Teahjay, has described as paralyzed the National Legislature, indicating that they are responsible for the messy system in the country.

Addressing the Senate Plenary last Thursday, Senator Teahjay stressed that nothing seems to be working effectively both in the public and private sectors across the country; something, according to him, that makes Liberians and national government challenged due to the poor working performance of members of the National Legislature.

The tough talking Senator of Sinoe County further noted that every sector across the country is absolutely paralyzed thus impeding national development and endangering the living conditions of citizens. Senator Teahjay has therefore admonished the 54th National Legislature to exert frantic effort to improve the living condition of citizens of the country.

Senator Teahjay also questioned the decision of the Liberian government through its relevant authorities responsible to retire citizens serving in government; while failing to hire, train and employ other qualified Liberians to swiftly replace those retirees; an act that is destroying the effective functioning of the public sector.

According to Senator Teahjay, the national government is in the constant habit of preparing the listing of retirees without readiness to fill in the gap. He further disclosed that the government often replaces retirees with “bunch of unqualified and incompetent individuals” whom he described as political cronies to occupy the vacancies.

Meanwhile, the Sinoe County Senator further claimed that members of the National Legislature have reduced Liberia to what he termed as the country of ‘siren’ due to power struggle and thirst for powers in national government.

According to Senator Teahjay, some members of the National Legislature have only found pleasure in becoming Representatives or Senators but failed to execute the mandate for which they were elected by their people within their respective constituencies.

“And Mr. Presiding everybody in the country is getting tired with the way things are going, everybody is getting tired. The Freeport is not working, people are crying, even when they send their barrel people can’t clear them,” Sen. Teahjay averred.

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