Pres. Weah Orders Increased Ebola Surveillance, Preventative Measures -Amidst Reports of Ebola Resurgence in Guinea


Liberia’s first case of the deadly Ebola virus was reported in March 2014. Since then, the country has continued on the path of vigilant surveillance and preventative measures that culminated into the West African nation becoming the best case study in warding off Ebola, with some of its health workers and private citizens becoming Time Magazine Heroes of 2014. But as the nation now grapples with an equally debilitating Coronavirus pandemic, news has erupted of the outbreak of Ebola in neighboring Guinea. As a result, President George M. Weah has ordered health authorities and related stakeholders in the sector to heighten the country’s epidemic surveillance and preventative activities in the wake of these reports.

President Weah’s instruction, according to Liberian health authorities, is intended to ensure Liberia acts proactively to avoid any epidemic situation, the kind Liberia witnessed in 2014.

President Weah also mandates the health authorities to immediately engage communities in towns and villages bordering Guinea and increase anti-ebola measures.

“While the health authorities are urged to increase their alert level, the general public is assured that there is no case of Ebola in Liberia and that the government is undertaking all measures to ensure that the public remains safe from the deadly virus,” a government alert stated, cautioning the public to remain calm as the government provides updates on the situation regularly.

Meanwhile, the Guinean Health Minister informed local and international news outlets on Saturday, February 13, 2021 that about four people died of the virulent disease in the Guinean town of Gouècke, which is in proximity of Liberia’s northeastern border.

However, no case of the disease has so far been detected in the country, according to Liberian health authorities.

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