Liberty Party Takes CPP Leadership Today -Partisans, supporters, sympathizers to grace the occasion


In keeping with the rotational leadership of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) as enshrined in its framework document, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) will officially transfer leadership to the Liberty Party (LP) today, Wednesday, February 3, 2021.

A special announcement issued by the Transition Team of the CPP states that the program marking the turnover of leadership to the LP will be held at the Headquarters of the ANC and is scheduled to begin at 10 am.

Partisans, supporters and sympathizers of the four collaborating parties are encouraged to grace the occasion, the announcement which also invites the press indicated.

It can be recalled that on May 19, 2020 four political parties, including the All Liberian Party (ALP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Liberty Party (LP), and the Unity Party (UP) signed a framework document that formalized the collaboration of the four parties.

During that signing ceremony, the ANC inherited the rotating leadership of the CPP from the ALP for a period of 8 months. Having served for the time provided for in the framework document, the ANC is incompliance with the document the ANC will today turn over the leadership to the LP.

The ANC took the leadership of the CPP from Benoni Urey’s All Liberian Party, which served as the first party to take the leadership of the CPP.

It can be recalled that following the ascendency of the CDC government to the leadership of the country after the 2017 elections, the four political parties that participated in the election came together in a collaboration to engage the governance process.

The All Liberian Party (ALP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Liberty Party (LP), and the Unity Party (UP) formed a collaboration after consultations and reached an agreement sealed by a framework document that brought them together with a rotational leadership which started with the ALP of Benoni Urey who served as its first Chairman.

Notwithstanding this epic collaboration of the country’s four mainstream and biggest opposition bloc, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) did not take the newly formed collaboration serious. But in the meridian of time in the regime of the ruling establishment, the opposition Collaborating Political Party (CPP) which was not initially taken seriously has become a giant political structure which has captured the from the CDC, its’s claimed stronghold – Montserrado County – in the latter political process  that the 2017 election preceded.

Having Captured the Montserrado County Seat in the Senate during a bi-election under the aegis of the CPP, the scenario was again repeated in the 2020 midterm senatorial election with the Liberty Party’s Abraham Darius Dillon retaining the Montserrado Seat while other seats that were occupied by CDCians in the upper House of Legislature for other counties were also won this time by the CPP under the leadership of the ANC’s Political Leader Alexander CummingsWith the strength exhibited by the CPP, there are apparent fear that 2023 may not go well with the ruling CDC, considering the infight and fragility between the main Congress for Democratic Change and the former ruling Party, the National Patriotic Party (NPP), which aided the CDC to the presidency during the 2017 political process.

Meanwhile the LP is expected to steer the affairs of the CPP for eight months as of February to turn it over to the Unity Party of former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

Watch out in The Analyst’s February 4, 2021 edition for some of the major achievements of the CPP under the leadership of Alexander Benedict Cummings).

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