LP Convention Opens on High Note -But Deputy SG Toomey Says Process “Stage managed”


Partisans, stalwarts and delegates of the opposition Liberty Party (LP) are presently converged in Gbarnga, Bong County where a Special National Convention is being held at the Methodist Compound to review and adopt the party’s Constitution and elect a new corps of officers. The Special Convention, which is graced by two representatives of the National Elections Commission (NEC), commenced this morning on a celebratory high note, safe for LP Deputy Secretary General for Press and Public Affairs, Atty. Kla Toomey, boycotting the proceeding, terming the entire process as “stage managed”.

The Conference commenced with the Liberty Party Political Leader Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence calling the meeting to order and welcoming the delegates to the Special Convention. She later announced the purpose of the convention, which is to adopt the constitution and conduct elections.

Cllr. Powo Hilton, Liberty Party’s Vice Chairman for Legal Affairs then presented the Constitution to the delegates to review and adopt.

During the course of the review process, there was a complete disagreement over the functions of the Political Leader and the National Chairman a good number of delegates expressing their  displeasure over portions of the Constitution which gives the Political Leader absolute power over the Executive Committee.

Deputy SG Kla Toomey Boycotts

While the review process was ongoing, news about the LP Deputy Secretary General for Press and Public Affairs boycotting the Conference pulled our reporter out of the Conference Hall to an impromptu press conference staged by Atty. Kla Toomey who is expected to have contested the Secretary General position.

Terming the Special National Conference as “stage managed”, Atty. Kla Toomey said the entire process is a disaster that is orchestrated by the Liberty Party Political Leader. He also blamed businessman Musa Hassan Bility for “inducing” the process.

Toomey questioned the legitimacy of a process which has the National Chairman boycotting the proceeding, and wondered who would be turning over the gavel of authority to the incoming National Chairman, following what he Toomey called a “stage managed” election.

Constitution Adopted

Meanwhile, the Constitution, having been thoroughly reviewed, has been adopted with a unanimous votes, paving the way for a new Constitution.

The Conference is currently recessed, to resume shortly for the holding of elections.

This story is developing, with more details to follow subsequently.


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