Birthday Thanksgiving For VP Taylor -Bong Citizens Swarm Chapel for Prayers


She’s celebrating in style her 58th birth anniversary. She is copiously right to do so this year. She was struck by the deadly coronavirus. Millions of others around the world and more than a hundred of her Liberian compatriots were not as lucky. They succumbed to the pandemic. She survived. And in 2020, the temptations were too much and too firm. She surmounted. Still agile. Still kicking. Her family, supporters, admirers and constituents saw her triumphing over odds. In their view, therefore, and in her personal conviction, God was the cause of it all. And swarming a worship chapel was the plausible thing to do—to show gratitude to the Most High and to beseech Him to keep the Liberian Vice President, the Mother of the Land and humanitarian par excellence more energy, long life and prosperity to continue to live her life for the benefit of others. It was an emotional ceremony, The Analyst’s Stephen G. Fellajuah who travelled with VP Taylor last Sunday to Gbarnga, Bong County reports.

With tears nearly rolling down her cheeks, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor lamented. And she did not unremorsefully and profusely.

In a brief statement during a thanksgiving service in the central city of Gbarnga, the Liberian vice president recalled serial doleful personal experiences she endured during the year. Her encounter with Coronavirus was one of those experiences.

She vehemently debunked the myth that the Corona virus is not real, telling throng of citizens and residents that gathered to thank God for her survival of the deadly virus that remain vigilant of the pandemic.

She said coronavirus is real and is killing thousands of people around the world as she tells her experience while giving God the glory for sparing her life from the plague.

Chief Dr. Howard-Taylor, who was also celebrating her birthday, during the thanksgiving service organized by Bongees in her favor, acknowledged the power of God for enabling her recovery from the Coronavirus scourge.

She recalled spending irking 35 days in Internal Care Unit (ICU) and later flown to Ghana for further treatment.

Madam Howard-Taylor expressed belief that the occasion which was organized by the Christian and Muslim communities in Bong County, and witnessed by elders and all who have kept her in their prayers, was directed by the Holy Spirit.

She said the occasion was not about her, but was about giving God the glory for His infinite grace that saw her through.

The program brought together prominent sons and daughters of Bong County, including newly inducted Senator Prince Moye, Senator Henry Tokpa, Bong County District #7 Representative and Bong Legislative Caucus chair, Joseph Papa Kolleh and District # 6 Representative Miama Brigg Mensah.

According to the citizens, they were thankful to God that the Vice President survived the coronavirus disease last year having spent 35 days in Internal Care Unit at home prior to flying her to Accra, Ghana for advanced treatment.

Before the Thanksgiving Ceremony Sunday, Vice President Howard Taylor, on Saturday, dedicated Bong Motorcyclists terminal and broke ground for the construction of the Headquarters of the Christ Centered Christian Network in the County.

Speaking at the Thanksgiving Program, the Chairman of the Bong Legislative Caucus, Joseph Papa Kolleh, said the Bong Legislative Caucus was glad to be part of the ceremony and the birthday celebration of the Vice President.

The Caucus Chair, Representative Kolleh, noted that the day marked a new day for Bong County.

Representative Kolleh also urged the newly inducted Senator Prince Moye to work in the interest of the County.

He expressed concern that of the eight Caucus members, only five were present at the ceremony, and pointed out that the elections are over, and that it is now time for leaders of the County to reconcile and move the County forward.

Remarking further, Rep. Kolleh implored VP Howard-Taylor to work more and get to the Caucus members who did not attend the ceremony to ensure that they return to the Caucus.


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