Gayah Hill Town Commissioner Applauds WFP, Govt, for Food Distribution


Gayah Hill Township Commissioner in Sinjeh District, Bomi County, has applauded the Government of Liberia (GOL) and the World Food Programme ”for remembering our people in our midst who cannot afford for the rest of the day and you came to help them with this food distribution.”

Speaking in Gayah Town recently during a meeting, Commissioner Maima Barclay Free first performed the traditional welcoming ceremony [of guests] with cola nuts and then said the townspeople were overwhelmed with gratitude for the food distribution.  “This is our country, this is our county, this is our community, but ya’ll came to us so we have come to identify in return to say thank you with our whole heart. We wanted to raise up a chorus to tell you people that we’re overwhelmed by the fact that you heard our cry and came to help our people”, said the Commissioner.

The COVID-19 Household Food Support Programme (COHFSP) distribution started in Bomi County last week targeting nearly 16,000 (sixteen thousand) households or over 78,000 (seventy-eight thousand) individuals in all of Bomi County’s four administrative districts including DewoinKlaySenjeh, and Suehn Mecca.

Boima Dunbar, Community Chairman at the J.L. Pavilla School distribution point praised WFP for the smooth conduct of the work in his community that rendered the entire process a peaceful activity. “We have 6 (six) communities clustered here. The food here totals to 335 family heads. In past food distributions, people used to measure food. Right now, no measurements, they give you the food you just go outside, you go. It’s very fine”, sad Chairman Dunbar.

At the same time, food recipients said they were happy to be included in the distribution by the government, an indication that it cares for its people. “Finda Morris, 32, of Konneh Community had to leave her two children at home in line with COVID-19 protocol to collect her rations. “The WFP and government people are doing well for us and our children. They give our New Year, our Christmas, everything! So we say happy New Year to them!”

The Sean Devereux Children’s Education and Agriculture Program (SDCEP) is WFP’s local Cooperating Partner (or NGO) that is overseeing the COHFSP distribution in Bomi, Grand Cape Mount and Gbarpolu Counties. SDCEP’s Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Eugene Sarwieh, said although they had encountered some challenges, the exercise was on track, adding that WFP needed to be commended. “I wish to extend appreciation to WFP. I think, it’s a long road down that people have been waiting for. They thought that it was just news that wouldn’t come to pass. Now the people are happy, they know that the burden of finding food between now and the New Year is off their backs.  They only need to find charcoal, find some fish and pepper… You’ve already got something to eat. Eat heavy and lay down. So thank you.”

Meanwhile, food distribution is in Grand Cape Mount is expected to begin this weekend in Grand Cape Mount and Bong Counties targeting over 60,000 households in the two counties.

The United Nations World Food Programme is the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.  We are the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters, and the impact of climate change.

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