LP’s Jan 22 Convention -Stalwarts Pre-Flag Key Issues


One of Liberia’s foremost opposition political parties, Liberty Party (LP), has been exerting itself to take its rightful place in the Liberian political mosaic, particularly since its chief founder and immediate past political leader, fallen ace jurist and longtime politician Charles Walker Brumskine left the scene. There has been contentions between zealots and progressives of the party on the one hand and conservatives on the other, largely concerning the party’s rebranding stratagem. As the LP goes to its next National Convention late January, strategists have begun to raise their arms above the waters in what they consider the right path for a 21st Century Political Party. The Analyst reports.

The political leader of the opposition Liberty Party, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence has released a Special Order for the holding of a special national convention pursuant to article viii (sections 1, 2 and 3) of the 2015 constitution of the party in Bong County on January 22 – 24, 2021.      The Special Order informs Party Chairman, Senator Steve J.H. Zargo, that the convention is aimed at electing news leaders for the party.

In the Special Order, The Political Leader further said by the authority vested in her by the party’s Constitution, she issued a Special Order for the holding a Special National Convention for the purpose of reviewing a mandatory language proposed to the Constitution for subsequent adoption by duly accredited delegates to the Special National Convention; and to hold elections for all national positions either by a single slate of candidates or through an open process.

In the Special Order, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence said the convention is pursuant to Article VIII (Sections 1, 2 And 3) of the 2015 Constitution of Liberty Party.

The Senator indicated that the Liberty Party’s Constitution provides in Article VIII, Sections 1, 2, and 3 that the Political Leader may convene a Special Session of the National Convention for reasons set forth in the said Article.

According to her, “when in the opinion of the Political Leader there exists uncertainty or dispute in the party as to the direction of the party, or the failure of the Executive Committee to follow the mandate of the National Convention, or when the party loses a Presidential Elections, or the party loses two consecutive by-elections, the Standard-bearer may dissolve the Executive Committee and call a Special Session of the National Convention to be called the Special National Convention.”

The LP political leader said in the Order that the said Convention may be for general or limited purpose bordering on the election of new officers, revision of the constitution and By-laws, the party’s Platform, or issuance of guidelines to address such national circumstances or emergency, as may be beyond the authority of the Executive Council.

The Order also indicated that the Political Leader is empowered to appoint a planning committee of the Special National Convention, which shall adopt rules and procedures of the Special Convention to be approved by the Standard-bearer or Political Leader.

Additionally, Senator |Lawrence said it has now become necessary to revise certain portions of the 2015 Constitution of Liberty Party to balance the power equation within the institution and as well make it current with existing realities.

Besides she indicated that conditions attending the 2017 General Elections now necessitate the recalibration of the national leadership to give it more diversity and vigor that reflect a national institution.

In what was a clarification to the communication addressed to Senator Steve Zargo in relation to the planned convention, Senator Lawrence indicated that consistent with the aforementioned provisions of the 2015 Constitution, she is also pleased to forward herewith to the National Executive Committee, though the Party Chair, the Special Order setting forth the basis for the Special National Convention.

“Mr. Chairman, in utilizing these provisions of our Constitution, I have avoided the application of the DISSOLUTION prerogative as contained in Section 1 of Article VIII. This is because I am of the conviction that the reasons provided in the Special Order are mutually beneficial to us, and that this direction will help keep the unity of our institution intact,” she said.

Accordingly, the Convention’s Planning Committee whose activities fall under the direction of Chairman Zargo will adopt the necessary procedures including procedure at the Special Convention that will enable a transition to the conduct of election for National Officers, the communication said.

“Please be assured of my cooperation, as together, we strive to move our institution forward within the framework of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP),” Senator Lawrence’s communication dated December 29, 2020 concluded.

According to a dispatch to The Analyst yesterday, a special convention planning committee and an election committee unraveled the main convention purposes as being the adoption of the new Liberty Party Constitution; the adoption of the Party’s Financial Plan, the election of new officers to the National Executive Committee (NEC) and the induction of New Corps of Officers to the NEC.

The dispatch explained that election of new officers to the National Executive Committee (NEC) will include 18 key positions including the national chairman, vice chair for administration, vice chair for operations, vice chair for inter-party and NEC affairs, and vice chair for political and legislative affairs.

Others are vice chair for press and public affairs; vice chair for planning, policy and programs; vice chair for gender & social policy; vice chair for legal affairs; vice chair for international & diaspora affairs; vice chair for membership; vice chair for mobilization; and vice chair for auxiliary services.

The rest are vice chair for health & educational policies & programs; national secretary general; national treasury; national women congress chair & officials; and national youth congress chair & officials.

Applicants for these positions, the dispatch mentioned, must be a member of the Liberty Party in good standing and must present evidence of due Payments from August to December 2020.

Besides, the dispatch noted that the following fees for the corresponding positions will be paid by applicants, including for the position of the chairman, national chairman, US$1, 000; for all vice chairs, US$300; for national secretary general, US$300; national treasury, US$300; national women congress chair & officials, US$200; national youth congress chair & officials, u US$200 and other officials of the youth & women congresses, US$100.

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