Cassell Foundation Awards Scholarships -To the Albert Peters & Gifty Lama Children


The President and Chief Executive Officer of Cassell Foundation, Dr. Daniel E. Cassel puts smile on the faces of the families of two Liberian deceased auditors of the Liberia Revenue Authorities (LRA), Mr. Albert Peters and Ms. Gifty A. Lama on the eve of Christmas when Dr. Cassell met with families of late auditors and awarded scholarships to the children of the late Lama and Peters.

The Liberian Philanthropist, met with the family the Late Gifty Lama including the husband and two children of the late Lama and  presented Christmas gifts to the kids, who must have still be deeply feeling  hurt over their mother’s tragic death, and offered to pay for their education from Kindergarten through high school. “It’s a terrible experience for that family. They need our love and support,” Dr. Cassell said as he presented to them Compliments of the season.

Dr. Cassel expended similar visit to family of the \Mr. Albert Peters where he had the privilege of meeting with the widow and children of the late Peters where he felt while there, that absolutely nothing could be said or done to remove the deeply felt pain of loss occasioned by the death of their beloved husband and Dad.

“I do believe that coming to the aid of a fellow citizen during a period of crisis and grief is a noble, Christian and patriotic thing to do. In this spirit, I extended 4-years of university scholarships to both children in addition to the last year of high school scholarship to the younger child,” Dr. Cassel indicated.

At the end of his meeting with the Peters, a check was issued to the family as full payment for the first semester school fees and books of the older child at a local university, Dr. Cassel disclosed, saying “It’s my hope that this gesture of Dr. Cassell’s Foundation will help ease some of the financial burden of the grieving widow and help the children find comfort in continuing their education.”

Albert Peters and  Gifty Lama, all senior staffers of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) were found dead under a very tragic, mysterious and unexplained circumstances, but an autopsy performed by Government had reported that they died from suffocation from hydrogen oxide and carbon dioxide.  .

At the time of the discovery of the two dead auditors, the Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Foundation offered a cash reward of Five Million Liberian (L$5,000,000.00) Dollars, or its equivalent in United States Dollars, to anyone who can provide credible information that will lead to the successful arrest and prosecution of individuals involved in the deaths of the auditors.

In a statement issued at the time, the Philanthropist said “My family and I are concerned about the growing wave of fear threatening to overwhelm our country as a result of the recent mysterious, and as yet, unexplained deaths of four Liberians, three of whom worked for the Liberian Revenue Authority (LRA), and the other, for the Internal Audit Agency (IAA).”

The statement said the Liberian Philanthropist had reached out to some members of the bereaved families to express “our deepest condolences for the difficult losses they have sustained.

“To me, the grieving widows, widower, children, other relatives, friends, and for many Liberians, at home and abroad, the lives and mysterious deaths of Albert, Gifty, George and Emmanuel matter. Our Liberian society risks being defined by these lives, and yet, the unexplainable deaths,” the statement indicated.

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