Govt Confirms Toe’s Arrest for “Incitement” -Says Cllr. Kanneh Released, Admitted at Hospital


In the wake of media reports indicating that the Secretary General of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Cllr. Aloysius Toe, has been rearrested along with members of his team in Gold Camp while on their way to Monrovia, the Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), Mr. Ledgerhood Rennie, confirmed that Cllr. Toe was never initially arrested, but only arrested for the first time on Thursday for “incitement “.

This paper published on its online platform Thursday, quoting latest information from Gbarpolu that, Cllr. Aloysius Toe and team, including Cllr. Boakai Kanneh, were rearrested and taken to Bopolu city to be officially charged by the government. “Thus is a clear attempt by the government to keep them in custody for another 48 hours. They are now political prisoners under this government,” The Analyst quoted a source.

But in reaction to the story, Minister Rennie clarified that the government of Liberia is not interested in undermining the democratic process. Mr. Rennie pointed out that contrary to reports, Cllr. Toe is not being held as a political prisoner, rather for inciting violence when the police tried to restore calm.

In a chat with this paper’s Managing Editor, Stanley Seakor, Mr. Rennie proudly said, “Nobody has been arrested for their political views expressed or association since the ascendancy of President Weah, and that includes Mr. Aloysius Toe. We as a Government are not interested in undermining our democratic credentials. NO, WE ARE NOT!!,” Minister Rennie stated emphatically.

Further clarifying on Cllr. Toe’s current plight, Minister Rennie said he was informed that the CPP Secretary General was just arrested for “incitement”.

“Mr. Toe was not initially arrested as claimed. He was only arrested when he was inciting violence when the police tried to restore calm. I am told he was just arrested on charges of ‘incitement’. Police says he was inciting violence against the police when they had gone to restore calm,” Minister Rennie further stated.

The recently nominated and confirmed Information Minister recalled that President Weah has said and demonstrated his seriousness to upholding democratic tenets in the country.

“President Weah has said and demonstrated this time in numbers. The Government through the President just congratulated all the winners so far and said it is a win for our country and its democratic credentials,” Mr. Rennie affirmed.

Regarding reports that another member of the CPP Gbarpolu fact-finding team, Cllr. Boakai Kanneh, had been manhandled by state security, Minister Rennie said Cllr Kanneh is in Monrovia at the Fidelity Hospital undergoing treatment.

“Cllr. Kanneh was brought in town by 102. Cllr. Kanneh told the Police he was manhandled by the ‘country devil people’,” Minister Rennie said.

Commenting on reports that Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill is allegedly behind the intimidation and harassment of Gbarpolu independent candidate Madam Botoe Kanneh, Minister Ledgerhood Rennie wondered how anyone can prove that Minister McGill orchestrated these incidents. He said official police accounts prove otherwise.

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